Minecraft Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween

These are the steps to create your own Minecraft Jack-o'-lantern for Halloween; a great addition to your Halloween decorations this October!





Minecraft Jack-o'-lantern texture print-out



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Step 1: Hollow Out Pumpkin

Hollow out the pumpkin much like you would any other jack-o'-lantern using a knife and spoon as necessary.

Step 2: Print and Cut Out Minecraft Jack-o'-lantern Texture

Print out the minecraft texture and out around the darkest parts of the image. You will use this as your template

Step 3: Glue on Template and Cut

Glue the Minecraft Jack-o'-lantern template onto the pumpkin and cut around using a knife. Take caution when cutting and try to avoid rounded corners for the optimal 'pixel' effect

Step 4: Put in a Candle and Enjoy!

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    1 day ago

    I just love this! I'll try it this weekend and share with you the photos of how it turned out.