Minecraft Sword




This is a quick and easy project to make a Minecraft wall hanging art, perfect for any nerd cave.

Step 1: Materials

For this project I used
Acrylic paints the colors where a dark gray, white and orange
Foam board
A ruler
A T-Square, (this makes lining things up so easy).
A paint brush
A hobby knife
A pencil
Popsicle stick
Aleans craft glue
A glue stick
A paper plate
And a picture of the sword you want to make for reference

Step 2: The Grid

Take your piece of foam broad and draw out a grid.
The squares in my grid are 1 inch by 1 inch.

Step 3: Draw the Out Line

This is where you will start needing your reference picture.
All you need to do here is to draw the outline of your sword.

Step 4: Painting

For this project I mixed the paints to the colors I wanted. I did not use any of my black paint on this project
Follow your reference picture so that you don't mess the colors up.
I did not use both browns that you see in the picture the reference picture I use only showed one brown.

Step 5: Cut It Out

Use your hobby knife to cut the sword out.
Go slowly and be careful. The paper on foam board can rip easily.
Use a glue stick to glue down any paper that has started to come off the foam board.

Step 6: Support

Glue some Popsicle sticks to the back of the sword to make it a little more ridgid
I used Alene's craft glue for this.
After I glued the Popsicle sticks down I weighted it down with two large books.

Your finished enjoy.

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