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Introduction: Mini Cooper "Snow"

About: not often do we get good snow in the uk, so I've made good use of when it does the last couple years :D
I aimed big, a full size mini cooper. This being a floor area of roughly 10ft x 5ft (owning a real one makes this easier to check ^_^ ). However, I soon realised this was a bit too far, so I compromised on a roughly 3/4 sized mini.

With only about 10cm of snowfall I needed to transport snow from elsewhere to make the body. I have no snow tools, so the front of a plastic sled and my hands where used to load a wheelbarrow.

  • Firstly I marked the build area with sticks and began the long task of moving wheelbarrow loads roughly into place in layers.
  • Once the cabin section has reached the correct height the angle and length of windscreen and rear could be shaped from top down to get the profile in proportion. (For large surfaces a piece of timber creates a smooth and consistent shaping tool.)
  • With the upper cabin proportions complete the bonnet length and height can be proportionally judged and rear curve shaped.
  • From one layer of wheelbarrow snow lumps the front was built simply by hand. (I know the shape of a mini very well, again working from bonnet downwards)
  • wheel/arches and finishing details crafted by hand with fresh snow. add a stick for an aerial and it is complete! (the back of your hand/glove is much better for lightly smoothing surfaces down)

Building Tips
  • Leave the fresh snow near the build until the detail modelling stage. Fresh snow is easy to apply smoothly and patch deformities in a surface. Even slightly agitated snow, especially wet snow, feels like trying to mold with pebbles.
  • When building the body. Focus on raising the layers as vertical as possible. Its easier to carve away snow than to fix an inward tapering wall.
  • Air space is your friend. Build the shape as a shell and loosely fill the centre. Makes reaching the target height quicker than packed down snow. It all freezes up solid anyway.
  • Get lots of people to help you move snow. It takes forever to do it alone >_<
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    11-12hrs over two days. Most of the time spent wheelbarrowing snow in to fill the body up.


    1 year ago

    my mom would love this ^^!

    Oh my gosh! You must have spent a TON of time on this! Wow! Really accurate, too!

    You might be the first person ever to get a parking ticket for parking snow.

    That's awesome :) but I have noticed a design flaw...... When you turn on the engine the heat generated will melt the car!