Mini FPV-Rover

Introduction: Mini FPV-Rover

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This is a mini version of my FPV-Rover V2.0

The dimension are 10cm x 10cm x 3cm

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Step 1: Parts to Print

Find all parts you need on Thingiverse

1x body

70x track

70x rubbertrack (only if needed)

1x top

2x inner track frame

2x outer track frame

4x cog

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Here is the list with all necessary parts for the rover

8x bearings

2x motor (300rpm)

2x ESC

8x Screws M3x14mm

1x Receiver (if you use FRSKY)

1x FPV AIO Camera

1x Rubberband to secure the camera

8x Magnets 4mm x 2mm

1x Battery 1S 600mAh

1x Drill 1.8mm

1x Drill 1.9mm

Step 3: Assemble the Mini FPV-Rover

As the Mini FPV-Rover has not that much to assemble, I hope the pictures are enough

Step 4: Done

Have fun with the Mini FPV-Rover

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