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Introduction: Mini Fireplace

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I decided I was going to make this one day, then I thought hey, why don't I make an instructable for it? So here it is!

P.S this is my first instructable. Please comment if you make it! Also please Comment if I should post an instructable for an awesome battle hammer that I made!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

1. Drill. Just any drill will do.

2. Drill bit. Regular drill bit. Just make sure it is the same size as the rivets you will use.

3.Drill bit. Regular drill bit. Just make sure it is the same size as the small end of the bullet shell.

4. Channel locks.

5. Tin snips or gardening sheers or some other
way of cutting sheet metal.

6. Pipe cutter

7. Duck/duct tape (whatever you want to call it!) I prefer duck.

8. Pliers

9. Rivets.

10. Bullet shell. NOT A LIVE ROUND!!! (a bullet shell or casing is what is left over AFTER the bullet has been fired) NEVER TRY TO CUT/DISASSEMBLE A LIVE ROUND-(a bullet that has not been fired/shot) YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF OR OTHERS!!! Something about the size of a 30-30 will work. I used some weird army caliber. You could also use a piece of 1/2in metal pipe if you don't have any bullets or guns, or if you live in the UK.

10. A metal electrical box? I think that's what this is. You could also just make one from scrap sheet metal.

11. Scrap sheet metal. About 3x3in.

Step 2: Cut

Unfold the box and cut the front flap off with your sheet metal cutters. Fold the box back up.

Step 3: Put the Bottom On

If your box has a tendency to spread out then duck tape it so that it won't. Turn your box over and place the bottom piece over the opening. Fold the tabs over so that the bottom stays on. Drill holes and insert rivets and crimp them with the channel locks. Then remove the duck tape.

Step 4: The Chimney

Cut the bottom off of the bullet shell. Then drill a hole in the top of your fireplace and insert the small end of the bullet shell into it. It should be tight enough to stay. You may be wondering why there is a small square of metal on mine that's because I didn't make it tight enough and I had to fix it.

Step 5: Light It Up!!!

Simply put some sticks or paper in and light it up!!! Just keep putting fuel (not gasoline!) in and it can be pretty entertaining!


UPDATE: Apparently galvanized steel emits toxic fumes when heated so get rid of the toxins by heating it up hotter than it would normally be. You could use a blowtorch or something (maybe put it in a bonfire for a while?).

Anyway, thanks for the comments enlightening me about this.

Step 6: Extra Ideas

Some ideas for a cover and a log holder.



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That sounds like a great idea! Just make sure that you do something about the galvanizing such as burn it off, or something, so that you don't have poisonous fumes when you light it.

The heat your little fire generates is not enough to cause a problem with the galvanising and the fumes it would give off if it did are not that noxious,they cause flu like symptoms which soon wear off. Do some research, I used to weld the stuff and never suffered any reaction. It's an internet horror story that never was. Ventilation and the size of the thing are also factors to consider, it's 3" square so there's sod all and most likely it's less than a micron thick. Don't get caught up in the hype.

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For this application, I agree that the risk is negligible. However, I take *extreme* concern with this statement:

"and the fumes it would give off if it did are not that noxious."

these fumes can be fatal.

anvilfire is a widely respected blacksmith resource site, and this man wasn't some nobody... <---zinc is a heavy metal....

again, for this application, It is unlikely that this build will oxidize zinc (typicaly, zinc-oxide forms at around 900 degC....) I don't take issue with that... however, zinc fumes are quite dangerous, with lasting effects caused by large exposure or frequent limited exposure...YMMV


for getting some fine firewood you could try out these guys here:

I know that taking them apart won't make them fire. It's CUTTING a live bullet that can make the primer go off if you don't know what you are doing!

Taking apart live bullets will not make them fire, you don't know too much about that, ive taken many live bullets apart, just make shure to fire off the primer.

Not an original picture. That was from an animal abuse case detailed on the internet

what are you thinking. How about using it on your hair first before using a cat?

WOW Cool, im going to make one of those and i'm going to use it all the time!

Can you use duct tape to repair a broken duck, or would gaffers tape be better for that as well?

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Pun alert...Pun alert...Pun alert. Hahaha. Actually, you wouldn't want to use tape on a broken duck. If its a living duck, take it to a vet. If it's ceramic, glass or wood, you would want to use the appropriate glue for that material. Does anyone out there have any ideas on repairing a broken rubber duck?

there is a new form of adheisive that has just come out that will repair glass ceramic ect. it is advertized as seen on tv. it uses a light that works with a bonding agent & is very cheap. I cain't remember the name of it but I've ordered it & will pass it along as soon as it gets here.

Thanks benuhawk that sounds cool.

I DIDN'T I have four cats and I would never do that! I found this pic on the internet.

BE O1021 ( Arothor)WHY DID YOU USE IT ON A CAT!!!