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Happy 45th Star trek!

This will show you how to make a Starship Enterprise model out of Lego's.

Most of the pieces included shouldn't be very hard to come by.

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Step 1: Pieces

The pieces needed are listed here.

Step 2: Lower Body

Put the 2x2 and the 2x4 together as shown.

Step 3: Middel Body

Add a 2x4 on the 2x2.

Step 4: Rear

Put the 2x3 on the back.

Step 5: Hinge Plate

Add hinge plate to the 2x3.

Step 6:

Add the hinges on the 2x3.

Step 7: Engine Base

Add the black clamps to the center of the hinges.

Step 8: Start Your Engines

Put the connector pegs to the 1" connectors.

Step 9:

Add the gray cylinders to the connector pegs.

Step 10:

Add the small wheels to the other end of the connector pegs.

Step 11:

Add the other wheels to the gray cylinders.

Step 12: Finish Engines

Add the transparent blue studs to the wheels.

Step 13: Attach Engines

Attach engines to the black clamps.

Step 14:

Add the 2x2 circle plates to the inside of the disks.

Step 15:

Put the red axle in the axle hole on the 2x2.

Step 16:

Add the disk on to the body.

Step 17: Finished!

Put the other 2x2/disk on the red axle.

The ship is done keep reading for the base.

Step 18: Start Base

Flip the ship upside down.

Step 19:

Add the hinge brick.

Step 20:

Add the center stud piece.

Step 21:

Attach the clear rod to the center piece.

Step 22: Finish Base

Add the clear bowl to the rod.

Step 23: Done

You can also adjust the stand on the hinge brick and the clear rod.

Flip back up and you are done! Enjoy!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very creative! I am very impressed. It looks fantastic!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice, they should make a lego star trek videogame and have this as one of the minikits!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it :) I see it as Archer's Enterprise, to me it's more similar to Archer's ship than o Kirk's. Isn't it? This is good for me,, in my opinion, Archer's the best :) I'm gonna try to do it as soon as I finished moving in my new house and so I can get access to my lovely Legos!

    1 reply

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Fairly crafty, utilizing the secondary hull pieces upside-down...anyways, two suggestions. One, it wasn't until the movies that they added rear nacelle glow. if you put a red jewel up front and a clear one in back, that would be close to the original series. Second, if you wedge a grey jewel between the studs on the upper half of the primary hull, that would be the bridge and upper command decks. If you look at schematics (or even just pictures) youll see a distinguishable nub there, and a grey jewel would work perfectly.

    1 reply

    You know you could add a half dome to the top for the bridge... or maybe you could add a stud, the smallest disk avaible, and another stud...hmmm....


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! Your real good at this small stuff.

    Mark AJA

    7 years ago on Introduction

    "The pieces included shouldn't be very hard to come"!

    It's a good module but a lot of the peaces are not 'standard'.

    Some of the specialised peaces are:
    The top and bottom of the saucer.
    The transparent base with a sucker.
    The round thin 2x2's.

    2 replies
    monsterlegoMark AJA

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Well most people i know have at least two or more of the saucer pieces, and the base is optional, sorry. :l


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent instructable!

    For anyone that is interested in building and does not have the parts to build - here is how to get the parts you need.

    If you download Lego's Free Digital Designer (PC and MAC) - you can build the ship within the program and submit it to Lego and they will ship you all the parts you need - you even have the option of getting it in a box that looks all professional with and image of the completed model and step by step instructions as if you are purchasing it from your local toy store - it's an excellent option for a gift. Remember to double or triple your parts if you want to make more then one - and it gets a little cheaper this way.

    Here is a link to the program.

    You'll spend hours playing with this excellent little piece of software! TIP: You can go on Lego's site and download other users creations and check them out within the program.


    7 years ago on Step 12

    Wouldn't red have been better?
    The ends of the nacelles were red in the show.