Mini Lego USS Voyager




About: Cosplayer and artist, i also enjoy making neat stuff out of Legos. You can follow me on Twitter (@TheMagicalMark) to check out more of my artwork.

This will show you how to make a lego model of the USS Voyager from Star Trek.
it includes a display stand.

The steps are in the photos, i have highlighted the pieces you need to add.

I had a lot of fun making this one; look for more star trek Lego soon!

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Step 1: The Pieces.

Here is a list of parts you need to build this.

Step 2: Rear / Bottom.

First make the rear part of the model.

Step 3: Main Body.

Next the main part of the ship.

Step 4: Bottom Plates.

Now we add the two plates on the bottom.

Step 5: Thrusters.

Now the last part of the model, the thrusters.

Step 6: Base.

This is the display base for all you displaying needs.

(This part is optional.)

Step 7: Done!

Now your finished with your very own Voyager!




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