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Introduction: Mini Lighthouse Lamp

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Hi All,

I love decorating my house with an unconventional or "one of the kind" idea and reuse / recycle items found at home. In this instructable , I will be reusing old glass jar, wooden skewers, Whiskey bottle packages, popsicle sticks and cardboard ( from Shirt packaging)

I will be use different techniques in this article and it should be safe for beginners to replicate.

Please share your comments and feedback

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Cardboard Cylinder ( 3.75" diameter and 12" height)
  • Pebbles or small construction stone
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Skewers
  • 0.5" Plywood
  • 5mm MDF sheet
  • 0.5W LED bulb
  • B22 Bulb Socket
  • 3ft Copper wire
  • 2 pin AC plug
  • Black Thread
  • White cement


  • Hot Gule gun
  • Black, white and brown acrylic paint
  • Wood polish
  • Drilling machine
  • Jigsaw
  • Hacksaw
  • G Clamps
  • 2mm and 35 mm drill bits
  • PVA glue or Fevicol

Step 2: The Tower

  • Before starting sort the pebbles or construction stones by
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Thickness
  • This is important as this reduces time spent on finding the right stone for the space
  • To make window and Door frames, I used longer stones, I arranged them on my table first and then ot glued them on the cardboard cylinder
  • Then fill the space between the window and the door
  • Next fill the top and bottom borders, This makes it easier when finishing
  • Fill in the gaps.
  • Depending on the quality of your hot glue gun and glue sticks, the stones may fall randomly. Just be patient and glue them back
  • I coated a thin layer of white cement to fill in between spaces
  • Let it dry for 3 to 4 hours
  • The white cement also covers stone, which is undesirable, use dry brush technique to regain the natural stone colors
  • I used diluted black acrylic paint with very less paint in the brush to cover the stones

Side Note : I first tried using white cement and placing stones, but was careless and whole thing just fell off

Step 3: The Top

  • I am making this part using cardboard, that I recovered from Shirt packaging material
  • Since my tower is now 4" diameter after stone work,
  • I cut a 4.5" diameter, cardboard circle
  • Then cut a piece at 110 degree and fold it carefully to make a cone
  • Use paper tape to join it
  • I tried coating with thin layer of white cement, but it fell off, So covered it with more paper tape
  • This size is based on the glass bottle that I will describe in the next step

Step 4: Lantern Glass

One could have used small jar too, I could not find one at my home so decided to cut a larger jar to size that i wanted

  • This was an olive jar bottle, that I cut using my bottle cutter.
  • I scored the jar at appropriate length
  • Then using Candle and ice method, cut the bottle into 2
  • Using 220 GRIT sandpaper, smooth out any sharp edges
  • I am using the bottom piece and the saving the top of the jar for another project in future
  • Cut a piece of baking paper and stick it inside the glass jar, this will help in defusing light further

Step 5: Lantern: Base

  • On a 5mm MDF plank, cut a 4.5" circle using jigsaw
  • Drill 2mm holes (8) at the border for railing or fences
  • Drill 2mm Drills (4) to secure the glass from outside
  • Drill a hole of 30mm at the center ( image in next steps) for the bulb to fit in
  • Fit skewers of suitable length for glass jar and fences

Step 6: Lantern Base Fitting

  • To fit the lantern on the base tower, we need a "inside cap" arrangement
  • First we drill a 35mm hole 15mm plywood
  • Cut its corners to fit inside the tower as shown
  • Now using PVA glue o fevicol, stick the base board from previous step to this inner cap piece
  • Also before glueing, I have inserted the first piece on a bulb holder, on which we can fit the remaining part of the bulb holder
  • Clamp the arrangement for drying

Step 7: Wiring

  • Insert a wire from the back of the tower
  • connect bulb holder and a 2 pin AC plug
  • Check if the connections are not loose
  • Insulate any wires or connectors, where needed

Step 8: Finishing

Windows and Door

  • Based on the size and shape of the window and door, cut cardboard piece as shown
  • Using popsicle sticks cover them
  • Cut the excess
  • Stain the popsicle sticks with brown paint
  • Then coat wood polish on them
  • Hot Glue the wind and door on the tower as shown

Lantern Fences and Base

  • Paint the base, skewers and top with brown acrylic paint
  • Coat them with wood polish
  • Using black thread make fence ropes
  • The thread may expand in future and fall off from their position
  • So secure them in place by using pva glue or fevicol


  • By now many pebbles or stone must have dropped due to bad hot glue
  • Hot glue them in place again

Step 9: Light It Up

  • Since this lamp uses 0.5 W LED bulb, it does not get hot even after 8 hrs.
  • Due to stone it get a bit heavier and stable. cannot be
  • To change bulb, just lift the Glass jar and change the bulb
  • If you are replacing the bulb, we may have to open the top for the heat to dissipate, just like actual lighthouse

Find a suitable spot to place your new lamp and Light it up

Please share your comments and suggestions

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