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Introduction: Stackable Toy Boxes

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Step 1: What You Need

This is what you need if you are doing the bigger box...for my daughter I would be doing the's the same except there are no wheels. I would continue this instructable with the cube and post pictures of the bigger box later as i couldn't complete it.(my neighbor complained of the sanding noise so I'm waiting for the couple to leave on a nice long weekend!)

Step 2: Build the Box

Build a basic box...make sure it's square else it would not stack. Remember to first cut the slots for the finger hold. To cut the slots find the center point. Then mark 2 inches from the dot on either side. drill through on both ends...draw lines on the upper and lower curve and cut away with a jigsaw or band saw.
cut 2 square dowels the width of the finger hold planks...pass it through the box to make sure it would fit...then fix it at the may glue,nail or do both!

Step 3: The Fun Part- Texturing and Painting

Prime/ gesso the it a textured background hides a lot of children just love this part.
For more ideas on texturing check out the below instructable

Paint and decorate how you like...I of course went for the rainbow colors.
Cut numbers in a mirror sticker and paste on one can put on the other side pictures of what you want inside the box

Step 4: Ta Da!

Now varnish and let your kids enjoy organizing! It's fun stacking them could be giant number blocks :-)

Step 5: Some Rainbow Thyme Ideas

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    When your kids are painting,you should spread a newspaper under neath ,so that you don't have the trouble in cleaning the floor.

    1 reply

    Agreed! :-)...i usually do...but missed this time and had to pay for it later

    I think this is terrific! I love the idea & love that is was inspired by your daughter. Thank you for including my bookshelf. I'm voting for you & hope that you get that saw!!!

    1 reply

    This is really awesome.Great work.I have been following some of your projects and I really like them.Keep it up.You have my vote.All the best.

    1 reply

    Great! thanks a lot! I soooo am aiming for a replacement for my jigsaw the more votes...the better chance i have!

    Great job! Very well done and your dedication (time) and passion (creativity) are definitely in evidence. May I point out the correct spelling for theme...not thyme as you have it in the introduction. Good work and best wishes.

    1 reply

    Thanks for your kind compliments! i really appreciate it :-)
    Also thanks for the correction...I have corrected it and also found some other mistakes i have made as i was in a hurry to get it to the copy cat challenge! I have my eye on sooo many prizes it's getting kind of embarrassing! haha :-D