Mini Vanity




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Step 1: Materials

Gather your materials!

Box Cutter

Step 2: Planning 1

Draw out the top of the vanity with the ruler.

Step 3: Planning 2

Draw out the front of the vanity.

Step 4: Planning 4

Draw out the cabinetry and sides of the vanity.

Step 5: Cutting

Cut out drawn pieces.

Step 6: Construction 1

Begging putting together the pieces with glue.

Step 7: Construction 2

Glue together the front piece and the first two cabinetry pieces of the vanity.

Step 8: Construction 3

Glue the final two pieces to the inside of the vanity.

Step 9: Construction 4

Glue the back of the vanity to the front and inside pieces.

Step 10: Reinforce and Glue

Let the pieces dry, reinforce if needed.

Step 11: Construction 5

Glue and put the top piece of vanity on to the other pieces.

Step 12: Drawing & Cutting of Mirror

Repeat Planning Step 1 and Cuttings stages.

Step 13: Place Mirror and Finish!

Place the mirror on top of the vanity and you're finished!

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