Miniature Fairy Garden Terrarium - Enchanted Mushroom Lights




Introduction: Miniature Fairy Garden Terrarium - Enchanted Mushroom Lights

Hi, in this tutorial I made a fairy garden terrarium with mushroom lights and a fairy mushroom house. I used some extruded polystyrene (xps styrofoam), battery operated led lights, transparent sanitary silicone sealant, tin foil, copper wire, hot glue, a little bit of polymer clay, moss and acrylic paint. I also used a glass cake cover.

Step 1: Preparing the Board

I first cut the styrofoam board to fit the glass cake cover. I adjusted the corners with a cutter, then I painted it black.

Step 2: Adding the Lights

I then glued the lights to some pieces of copper wire. I made the wires in different lengths and also left more wire in the upper side (that will be helpful when making the mushroom caps). I glued the copper wires to the foam board with hot glue. I added some volume to the board using tin foil and hot glue.

Step 3: Making the Mushrooms

I mixed some red acrylic paint with silicone and made a paste. I applied the paste on the wires and leveled it using soap and water. For making the mushroom caps I used the silicone paste and wrapping foil. I applied some paste on the plastic foil, and covered it. Then I started shaping it into a mushroom cap. For making the round shapes I used the cones inside of an eggs carton. I also covered the tinfoil base using the same silicone paste in black. Using some tin foil I made a cone and covered it with polymer clay. I sculpted a little house, baked it and painted it with acrylic paint.

Step 4: Moss and Details

I placed the moss over the board, carefully mixing the patches and used toothpicks to fix it in place. I also made some cute white dots on the house using white silicone.

I love the result! The transparency of the silicone makes the mushrooms look amazing, and when the glass cover is on, it really looks like an enchanted miniature fragment of a fairy tale is in my house! :)



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    1 year ago

    This is absolutely awesome!!

    love it-how creative!


    1 year ago


    That's really beautiful, super cool creative idea. I have 2 questions- when you say you leveled the silicone with soap and water, how do you do that? Also- is that real moss? Thanks for the help!

    Nice diorama

    Nicely done!


    this is gorgeous! i've already seen a tutorial to make silicone mushrooms lights, but i like the idea of the glass house/snow globe (plus it eases the cleaning!)