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I love miniatures! I always had a plan of making a miniature garden and couldn't wait any longer. In this instructable I will show you how to make a cute mini garden in few easy steps. This could be a fun project to do in the weekends and I tried to make it beginner friendly, besides it doesn't matter if you're not an expert (neither am I), miniatures always turn out to be cute.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

This mini garden can be made using easily available materials around us! To make this mini garden you'll need:

1) Flower pot of any size you want (It'll be the size of the mini garden),
2) Vining plant and a stick to support it, (Optional, but I thought it would look cute in the mini garden),
3) Twigss (to make the bench, table & fences),
4) Paper (to make tiny planters),
5) Thick paper (to make mini water can and bucket),
6) Scissor & ant-cutter,
7) Glue (white glue, hot glue or super glue),
8) Tiny plants (they grow around the larger ones, look around the garden),
9) Plants for the mini garden (money plants, succulent, preserved moss, dwarf trees etc.)
10) Anything you want to add.

Step 2: The Bench and Table

You'll need twigs and glue (white glue, hot glue or super glue) to make these.

Use anti-cutter to cut the twigs. The size of the mini furniture and other stuffs depend on the size of the pot you'll be using to make the mini garden.
To make the bench you'll need 10 pieces of twigs.
3 pieces for the seat, 4 pieces for the legs and 3 or 4 pieces for the back.
Cut a small piece of thick paper, glue 3 twigs on it (to make the seat). Now turn it over and glue 4 twigs on 4 corners for the legs. Finally make the back and glue it to complete the bench.
Similarly make the table, except adding the back.

I also applied a coat of brown poster color on the bench and table.

Step 3: Mini Fences

I made 2 fences.
Cut 2 sticks equally and place them in parallel. Now glue small sticks on them as shown in the picture.
This is the easiest way of making miniature fences (I think!), but you can make fences with different patterns :)

Step 4: Tiny Paper Planters

Cut a small piece of paper ( I used 3 X 5 cm), roll it around your finger and glue the sides.
Now fold any one side of the rolled paper to form the bottom of the planter. Use tape or glue while folding.
Wrap the planters with clear scotch tape.

First put a tiny plant in the planter then carefully add soil in it.
I've collected small plants from my moms garden (I don't even know their names!!).
Make as many tiny paper planters as you want, they look really cute with tiny plants in'em!

Step 5: Tiny Gardening Tools

To make the tiny gardening tools use thick papers.

To make the watering pot you'll need to cut out 6 pieces of thick paper. I've numbered the parts as, a- the vessel, b- spout, c- rose, d-handle, e-bottom, f-cover.
Fold and glue each parts individually as shown in the picture and then glue all of them together to form a watering pot.

Making the bucket is even easier.
Cut a small piece of paper, roll it and glue the sides.
Glue a round piece on the bottom.
Take a small piece of wire and attach it as the handle of the bucket.

I colored the watering pot and bucket with silver glitter paint.

Step 6: Finally, Decorate the Garden

Place the vining plant on a side of the pot. I love vining plants so I'm keeping one, it's optional. If you're using a larger pot you can add more plants if you want to. Decorate the garden as you want. Add more tiny details as you wish. Making tiny things are kind of difficult but I promise it's worth it. It took me around 2 hours to make this tiny garden and I'm loving it!

This was my first attempt in making a miniature garden, which means I'm not even close to an expert! but I think I can give some simple tips for it:
*Decorate your mini garden with any kind of plants you want, but I think it's better to use plants that require less nurturing such as,   vining plants and succulent. Besides you can also plant preserved moss, miniature ivy, dwarf trees.
*You might need to change the tiny planters (in case the plants die),
*You can buy miniature garden accessories but it's fun when you make'em yourself!
*Use soil mix for the mini garden, it's better to mix soil with sand. I covered the top with sand.
*Use a dropper to water the plants in the mini planters.
*Keep a water spray bottle to spray water over the mini garden everyday, so that it looks and feels fresh.
I don't know much about gardening, so please correct me if I've made any mistake and give more suggestions for the mini garden.


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Question 1 year ago on Step 6

It is such a great idea!!! :D how much did you spend on it? thanks again!


2 years ago

This is adorable! You did an excellent job. It's hard to believe this is your first one.


2 years ago

thank you soo much for this tut.....needed one for school project...:)


4 years ago

so cute ! I very love miniature !!!


5 years ago

If the paper pots have no bottom then the plants can root deeper into the soil.

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5 years ago on Introduction

Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest! I love this idea and with the summer sales starting I'm hunting around for things to create my own for my classroom (I will share pics since you are my inspiration) I'm thinking I might be able to make little ceramic pots for the potted plants out of the scrap clay I have laying around the classroom. :) Again well done and good luck!

1 reply

Thank yo poofrabbit! I really enjoyed making this mini garden. Very happy to know you're making one, I'm sure you'll have fun! ceramic pots sound awesome! I can't wait to see your miniature garden, please do share a picture when you're done making it :)