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Introduction: Minion IPhone Charger

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Got an old brick iPhone Charger? Why not turn it into one of a kind Minion charger? Get your spary can ready and let's roll!

Step 1: Transformation

Sand your charger with 1000G paper. Clean it and spray with the yellow acrylic paint. Tape mask it to make a black goggle strap and spray with black paint. Do the same for low part with blue paint. Then spray the clear coat many times. (See the video for more detail!)

Step 2: Final Product

Here we got a nice cute Minion charger!



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8 Discussions

Nice project but this can be extremely dangerous if you do not follow the instructions you can get wet paint in the charger causing a short circit

Video was embeded at the second step or you can follow this link below

This minion absolutely belongs onto my to do list. Thanks. Awesome idea.


2 years ago

Awesome eye for art!

This is so adorable! How did you ever think of making this?