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Introduction: Mixed Media Ornaments

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Looking for a way to combine paint, glitter, and stickers into a beautiful ornament decoration? Why not try all three in this fun, easy project!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you will need to make them:

  • clear glass or plastic ornaments
  • paints
  • glitter
  • rhinestone stickers

The rest of the items are not shown, but you will also need:

  • Mod Podge (not shown)
  • sponge brush or large paint brush (not shown)
  • plastic cup or container (not shown)

Step 2: Prep Ornaments

For all ornament projects, make sure to wash, rinse, and dry them off for best results.

Step 3: Start With Paint

The first part in making this 3 in 1 masterpiece is beginning by squirting some paint inside the ornament and rolling it around for a marbleized effect. Make sure to also set out a plastic cup or container to drain out any excess paint.

Step 4: Glitter

Next, brush some Mod Podge on the metal hanging part of the ornament and cover it with some glitter! You can choose a color of glitter to compliment the paint colors in your ornament.

Step 5: Add Stickers

For the final step, add some bling to your ornament with a few rhinestone stickers. In this example, I am adding some metallic blue snowflakes to my ornament. The other that you will see has some white polka dots all around.

Step 6: Colorful Ornaments

Once everything has completely dried, they're ready to add to your holiday decor!

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