Mixer Grinder Cover




Introduction: Mixer Grinder Cover

Today I am going to sew a cover for my mixer grinder

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Step 1: Before You Start

These are sides my mixer grinder.

Step 2: Measurements

I measured all sides and curves of my mixer grinder. I am going to to make it in four parts, back side one part , sides 2 parts and upper circle one part. Height came as 10 inches. Backside trapezium came as 10 down side, 5 upside and front curve as 7.5 inches.

Step 3: Templates

Before sewing the cover I made paper templates with my measurements. I tried these templates on my mixer grinder. Approximately they were fit.

Step 4: Sewing Part

I took a cloth of 15X30 inch measure. One zipper for opening. I made cuttings of the cloth using paper templates.

Step 5: Give a Final Shape

Ii joined the lining cloth to my main cloth and joined the pieces and gave it a final shape.

Step 6: Find Your Errors

I tried it to my mixer. I noticed an extra cloth at the curve.I folded it and marked it. Then without cutting the cloth I sew piping on the marking and again try to fit this on my mixer grinder. Then I sew an invisible zipper along the piping.

Step 7: Finishing Touch...

Finally I decorated my cover with a bow and embroidery along the piping.

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    2 years ago

    That's a cute cover, I like the vibrant colors :)

    Anjani krishna
    Anjani krishna

    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you swansong