Mixing a Ration




Introduction: Mixing a Ration

I will show you how to mix a ration at a Feed mill. This will show how to build a ration from the ground up.

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Step 1: Making Sure the Overhead Bins Are Set Right

After finding out who's ration we are making, the first step is making sure the over head bins are set right.

Step 2: Making Sure Distributor Panel Is Set

Step 2 is making sure the distributor panel is set right. For ours it is set on 21 to load outs so it will run out to the overhead bins.

Step 3: Making Sure Everything Is Running

After we check everything in the office we head out to the mixing area. The first step while we are out there is to make sure everything we need is running this included the leg,mixer. the unload auger and load drag.

Step 4: Closing the Mixer

One of the mot important steps is closing the mixer, this makes it so we don't lose any feed while we are putting the different ingredients in the mixer.

Step 5: Adding Cracked Corn

Now that the mixer is closed we can start adding ingredients, first thing on the ticket is cracked corn. Head over to the bin that has cracked corn in it and open the pulley. For us Bin 15 has cracked corn in it and it feeds straight into the mixer. The amount for this is 5000 pounds.

Step 6: Adding DDG

Next on the list is 600 pounds of DDG which stands for dried distillers grain. How this work the DDG bin is outside, we pull a button which starts an auger and the DDG falls from the bin in to the auger system which than feeds into the mixer.

Step 7: Filling Cart With R650

The R650 bin does not feed directly into the mixer so we have to transport it with a cart. The cart has a scale on it so we set it to the weight we need it and start filling as soon as the scale pops up we turn the augur off and head out to the mixer.

Step 8: Adding R650

The final ingredient that goes in the mix is 400 pounds of R650 pellets from the cart into the mixer

Step 9: Opening the Mixer

After adding the final ingredient to the mix we head over to mixer pulley and open the mixer again, that way the feed will than exit the mixer and head up the leg out to the overhead bins.

Step 10: Making Sure It Hit

The Final step is making sure the feed came outside to the overhead bin, to do this we come back into the office open the door that leads outside to the load outs and just wait and listen. After it is all ran up we load the truck up with it and the trucker will head to the destination and unload it.

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