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This is my program i made this game using mit app inventor i can publish it for others can download it

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Step 1: Set Up the Components

I used component designer to create the interface for the game

Step 2: Moving the Rocket

In this step im getting the coordinates of the rocket so i can move the rocket around .

Step 3: Step 3

Next, we want to make sure that the bullet appears again when we shoot from the rocket. When we touch the rocket, we want the bullet to start heading towards the saucer. When the rocket is touched we want to make sure the ball is reseting.

Step 4: STEP 4

This step we need to program is what happens when the bullet hits the saucer and what happens after the ball hits the saucer or if it misses.we use a automatic reset that brings the ball back down.

Step 5: Programming the Reset Button

This step this is my final step i programming the reset button that resets the game and starts you over the longer you play the game the harder it gets.

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    2 years ago

    That looks fun :)