Mobile Racks for Workshop

Idea is to build cheap racks that if needed for more space I could easily disassemble them.

*easy disassembling
*portable when needed

*OSB sheets
*wood screws
*polymer glue

Step 1: Sketchy Idea

Idea was to use aluminum ladders and then add some shelves. But ladders are triangle and its not the best shape for storage...

Step 2: Design Update

1st pic.Made some sketches of my idea..

Then made 3D model so that everyone can understand what i had in mind drawing that sketch.

2nd pic. 90 degree ladders with shelves.

3rd pic. Shelves and ladders disassembled.

4th and 5th pics. 90 degree ladder details.

Now working on all of the small bits of the project before starting cutting material..



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    Thanks! Check updated instructable with new design sketch. Let me know what You think.


    Looks great. If you get a chance, tape a few pictures of it set up in your garage to show how well it works.


    Definitely I will post pictures of the real thing. But for now I need finalize design and construction before i start making it. And also day job slows me down :D