Modern Planter





Introduction: Modern Planter

In this Instrucatable Im building a simple modern planter box.

Materials needed

(1)10 feet Ceder lumber

(1) Weed barrier

(1) Bag or river rocks

(3) Plants of choice (I used White African Iris)

(1) Bag of pot soil

- Outdoor Screws

- Outdoor wood glue

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Step 1: Cutting the Wood

Feel free to make this box as big or small as you like. The dimension is below for this box. After all cuting you should end with a 9 piece. See below

The type of wood used for the project is Cedar

Wood Dimension
(3) 7 inches x 30 inches = 2 long sides and bottoms

(2) 6 1/0 inches X 7 1/8 inches = 2 Short side

(4) 2 x 3 = Feet

Step 2: ‚ÄčAssembling

When wood searching try finding a good and flat lumber. I grabbed one that was a bit warped and it was challenging to assemble. Use clamps to help hold the box together.

Since water will be constantly added use screws that's made for out application such as wood fence and deck.

Adding wood glue would also help with the strength of the box.

Step 3: Prepping and Finishing

I applied an interior /exterior wood filler to cover the screw heads.

Sand the box down till smooth using 220 grit sand paper.

They apply the paint of choice. I used "Pure white High Gloss Latex"

Step 4: Attaching the Feet

Use an exterior wood glue for this application. You also Screw the feet on as well.

I used a combination square to keep the feet the same distance away from the edge.

Since I use wood glue only. Masking tape was added to hold the feet in place as I put weight to hold it down.

Step 5: Adding Soil

Drill out two holes for drainage.

Install weed barrier, this also prevent the soil from falling through the drain holes.

I used garden soil but I was informed that pot soil is better for this application.

Place enough soil to cover the entire bottom.

Step 6: Adding the Plants

Remove the plants from the pot and place in the box. Lightly loosen up the roots not too much.

Fold the weed barrier over as shown in the last picture, then move on to the next step.

Step 7: Adding Rocks

Place the river rocks on the of the weed barrier. Then do this all the way around, use the rocks to hide the soil and the weed barrier. Now add water and we are done!

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6 weeks ago

Looks great! Congratulations. Nice simple lines. Cedar is the ideal wood here as it avoids fungus attacks more than other woods. So seeing as it will be exposed to moisture you've picked the perfect wood.

Simple and elegant!

you rock bro!

I Love it!