Modified ABOK 783

This is a modification of ABOK 783 shown on the right.

Makes a lanyard knot, key ring fob, zipper pull, luggage I.D., etc.

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Step 1:

Make a loop with the cord and tie an overhand knot

Step 2:

Bring the left hand end to the right and make a second overhand knot.

Step 3:

Take right hand under three strands and up through the bight.

Step 4:

Bring left hand end over two and through the bight.

Step 5:

Bring right hand end uo through the right hand bight of the overhand knot.

Step 6:

Bring left hand end through the left hand bight of the overhand knot

Step 7:

Take the loop in one hand and the two strands in the other and pull apart

Step 8:

Obverse and reverse views of completed knot.

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