Mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition! (Android Only) NO ROOT




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Step 1: Get Minecraft, Dummy!

You were obviously going to need this but I thought I should mention it anyway. Go buy it, don't pirate it like a jerk.

Step 2: Get a Mod App and Block Launcher!

Block Launcher is here:

Mod App: This one is my favorite.

Step 3: Choose a Mod You Want

Scroll through the long list and find one that looks cool. Download it, it should open in Block Launcher if you use the suggested app.

Step 4: Enable Mod PE Script Support

Open Block Launcher, click the wrench at the top.

Click Launcher Options on the menu that comes up.

Scroll down to "Enable ModPE Script Support", enable it.

The launcher should restart.

Step 5: Enable Mods

Hit the wrench again once BlockLauncher restarts.

Tap "Manage ModPE Scripts"

Tap each mod and hit enable.

Step 6: Create a New World!

Create a new world. All your Mods should be installed! If you enjoyed this please favorite or subscribe to my YouTube channel here:

Thanks! Goodbye.

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3 years ago

New Minecraft-2:
Free Beta Version (2016)! Download and play first. Beta version for developers.
Push ->


3 years ago

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electric guyManhC1

Reply 3 years ago

can someone please tell me a good Corvette mod?


3 years ago

New Minecraft-2:Free Beta Version! Download and play first. Beta version for developers.