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Molecule ornaments make for a fun and unique decoration for your Christmas tree. After making molecule rhinestone pendants, I thought it would be fun to make a set of ornaments. Because the pendants were designed to lay flush against someone when worn and to hold rhinestones, I had to remake these with basic shapes to get them just the way I wanted them (and make it so they can hang from one central point).

It's really quick and easy to print off a set for your tree!

All you need to make these is a Printer, White Filament (or another color of choice that stands out when on the tree) and Ornament Hooks (or string).

If you want something a little fancier, check out my Rhinestone Molecule Necklaces.


You can also purchase a set of these ornaments in my Etsy store :)

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Step 1: Designing and Files

All are of the ornaments are about 3/16" thick. I wanted them not too bulky but also noticable when they were on the tree.

I used my molecule pendants as a basis for quickly drawing out these ornaments using pentagons, hexagons, and rectangles.

I also swapped out the rhinestone cuttouts with regular cylinders with cylinder cutouts to make them really simple.

After unsucessful prints, I made them slightly larger than the pendants to get the best print (I was getting a lot of gaps in my early prints).

My biggest issue with these ornaments was, surprisingly, the loop where the ornament hook would attach. If it wasn't at the center of mass, the ornament would tilt too much to one side. Some of them were easy (Caffeine and Serotonin) but the other three were a bit more difficult. GABA was particularily odd. I ended up putting the loop on one of the points and off to the side.

Step 2: Printing

Printing these is pretty straightforward. I reccomend using 35% overlap to get good coverage and 100% infill.

Once they are printed, just add your hook or string and you can hang them up!

Step 3: Finished Ornaments

And hand for size :)



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1 day ago

Look good with LED Lights. Will print some and try! Wonderful thanks!

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Penolopy Bulnickmisterxp

Reply 1 day ago

Thanks for checking them out!
Do you mean putting lights in the holes? I think that would look great! I'd love to see how your ornaments turn out :) Let me know if you want a link to the Tinkercad file.

misterxpPenolopy Bulnick

Reply 1 day ago

To be honest I did not check dimensions yet but that was what I thought to do. Sure I will let you know if I need the drawings. Thanks for offering. P.s. Sent mail. Did you see it?

Penolopy Bulnickmisterxp

Reply 1 day ago

Oh, thanks for reminding me :) I did see your message yesterday and was going to respond and got distracted :P


12 days ago

I really like the choice of your molecules! A small paint job would do a great trick here I think!

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12 days ago on Introduction

This is awesome. My 11 year old son Seba, has turned me on to 3-D printers. When I was a little girl I didn’t dream about flying cars- I dreamt about 3-D printers!

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Reply 14 days ago

Disney knows how to party

Penolopy BulnickAuroris

Reply 12 days ago

Thank you and oh my goodness! That is an interesting molecule ;)