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Introduction: Monitor Stand

I built this monitor stand for like an hour and it is totally changed the way I use my computer. I started with intention to build monitor holder so I could use a computer while laying down but later found more uses. It is practical because it can easily be moved from one to another part of the room, for example, I can put it next to the bed or in center of the room when my friends come over . Now I use it mostly with a gaming chair that I made by removing back legs from this old chair from pictures. That's new so I don't have photos. Anyway, images are self-explenatory, the only potentially complicated part of building this thing is connecting computer monitor to horizontal lath. It depends from your monitor type . My monitor was connected to it's original stand with fore screws and I used same holes with screws for wood. This instructable gives one of the possible solutions if you can't do it like I did.

What You need:
screws for wood
door latch
long vga and power cable for monitor
wireless keyboard and mouse for the full enjoyment :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    okay, this is *seriously* cool.