Morse Code Buzzer

Introduction: Morse Code Buzzer

The idea behind this project is to take "household" items to make a Morse Code buzzer. When I did the first design of this, I used a peanut butter jar, random bolts, nuts, and washers, and stole the buzzer (speaker) from a bad motherboard. Everything was soldered together.

This has turned into a project where a large number of them will be built (~120) so I found the parts online and ordered them and have made a conscious effort to stay away from soldering.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is my supply list:

1 x 9V Battery Holder (

1 x Buzzer (

1 x Butt (Stop) Connector (

2 x Ring (Eye) Connector (

1 x Paper Clip (

2 x Machine Screws(

3 x Nuts (

2 x Washers (

1 x Plastic Container (

1 x Plastic Container Lid (

1 x 9V Battery (

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Refer the schematic above.

You will need 2 eye (ring) connector and 1 butt (stop) connector to wire the circuit. The next step will cover the switch.

1. Using the butt connector, crimp the black lead from the 9V battery clip to the black lead of the buzzer.

2. Using 1 eye connector, crimp it onto the red wire of the 9V battery clip.

3. Using the other eye connector, crimp it onto the red wire of the buzzer.

Step 3: Build the Switch

For this step you will need the container lid, 2 bolts, 1 paper clip, 2 washers, and 3 nuts.

1. Place the paper clip on the lid and mark the center of the arch at one end of the paper clip and the end of the paper clip on the other (see photo).

2. Using a drill, awl, etc. drill 2 holes in the lid where you marked the paper clip.

3. Assemble the switch as shown above.

4. Put the switch through the holes of the lid on top

5. Slide each of the ring connectors from the previous step over each bolt and using the remaining nuts, secure them.

6. If the paper clip is touching the second bolt, bend the paper clip so the end of it and bolt do not make contact.

Step 4: Connect Battery

The last step is to connect the battery to the connector and place all of the components in the container.

After that, the buzzer will make a noise when the paper clip and bolt make contact.

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    Trash To Treasure
    Trash To Treasure

    5 years ago

    simple build and a good instructable structure. Do you know how to tap and hear Morse code? I can read and write fluently but its hard to find tapping instructions.