Motion Activated Sprinkler DIY



Introduction: Motion Activated Sprinkler DIY

Protect gardens and yards from common animal intruders.

Keep these unwanted visitors away with a motion activated sprinkler system. As soon as they step into your lawn, a passive infrared motion sensor detects the intruder and turns on the sprinkler to chase them away.

Step 1: Here Are the Parts I Used for This Project:

You will need:

1) Switch

2) Irrigation Valve 24v ac

3) 220v Movement Sensor

4) 24v Power Supply 2a

5) DC Female Jack

6) Electric Wire 2*1.5

7) 4 Hose Connectors

8) Sprinkler

Step 2: Wire the Switch

You take a live wire (brown in my country) from the connection box and connect it to the bottom of the switch,

The upper part of the switch will connect to the 220v movement sensor.

You also need to take neutral wire (blue in my country) from the connection box and connect it to the 220v movement sensor.

Step 3: The 220v Movement Sensor

Place the movement sensor near the garden you want to protect.

The live wire that we connected from the switch will go to the L connector.

The neutral wire that we connected from the switch will go to the N connector.

Now we will take another neutral wire out of the N connector, and another live wire out from the A connector, those wires will connect to a outside socket.

Step 4: Connect the AC Power Adapter to the Sprinkler Valve

Connect the 24v power supply to the outside socket.

Than connect the DC female jack, and attach the Irrigation Valve 24v wires , doesnt matter which one is live or neutral.

Step 5: Connect the Irrigation Valve to the Hose

Connect the irrigation valve to the hose using the hose connectors.

You cut the hose and than insert the hose connector on it from both sides of the irrigation valve.

Connect the hose to the water tap.

Choose a good location for your motion activated sprinkler system

We finished, now check if it works...

Open the tap water, the irrigation valve is on normally close so water wont come out. now turn the switch on.

Put your hand in front of the movement sensor and see if the sprinkler is working.

You did it :]

Now watch as your motion activated sprinkler chases away unwanted visitors.

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