Mouse Hard to Click.



Introduction: Mouse Hard to Click.

About: Why would i buy something ready made when i can make it myself with half the features for twice the money? DIY!

This repair is for a mouse that is hard to click, on this mouse its the left button. I already replaced the left sw before and still had the same problem. So from using the highly inaccurate screwdriver and thumb nail micrometer, I checked the height of the switch posts that push on its respective sw. It seams to me that the left one was a tad shorter. I suspect it is because this is one of those high quality mouse that cost me all of  $ 1.86 US money. 

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Tools needed.

Soldering iron
Desoldering pump
Philips screw driver

Be careful Soldering irons can burn! 

Step 2: The Problem Mouse

So what to do? I decided that the post or something needed to be longer. To do that i felt the easiest way was to raise up the sw. We have to disassemble the mouse. Not hard. don't forget the hidden screw under the sticker. The wire is held securely by a 90 degree bend in a plastic holder. Remove it from there along with the board.

Step 3: Tear Down and Inspection

You can see the sw is soldered flat onto the board. We want to change this. Unsolder the sw so it looks like the the unsoldered pic.

Step 4: Adjustment

We now raise up the sw and soldier in its new height. This isn't some highly technical measurement. This was just eyeballed to this height. Also that's kind of where it ended up when the soldier hardened. So i went with it.

Step 5: Assemble and Testing

With our sw raised and soldiered we need to reassemble. Make sure the clear plastic base plate is in first or you will be taking it apart again later. The wire needs to go back in its 90 degree slot. Make sure the individual wires are tucked down between the board and the case. The board fits snugly in its holders. Replace the top half. It locks into the bottom half from the notches in the very front. Re-install the screw. Next we will test it. It seams as tho this has fixed it to about the 90% level. If i changed the height again i don't think i still could reach to 100% fixed or as smooth as a $5 mouse. But for what it is and how it is working i would say it is a good fix for the problem. It went from extremely hard to use to usable

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