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For the motor heads or teachers in the automotive field, this Piston Display is great for every environment. Not only does it show the basic piston rotation, but how each piston moves in accordance with the others. To start I simply opened Inventor auto desk 2016, and designed each part based off of an actual piston head, Piston arm, and Crank Shaft. After the 30 hour print session, I proceeded to building. To attach the crank shaft to the Piston arm I simply cut one end and sanded down the edges to fit the arm. I then attached the arm to the piston head via the piston pin. I then designed and printed the casing the piston would be housed in. While the housing was printing, I took scrap 2x4's and screwed a short piece to the base. After the housing was completed, I glued it to the base. Now I was ready to assemble the final product.

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Step 1: The Assembly and Product

With this being the easy part of the project, I simply slide the crank shaft arm into place and push the piston head into the casing. With it done, all that has to be done is to turn the crank shaft and watch it move up and down, like a normal piston.

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