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A state in India which named as Gujarat, and Kutch is a place within the state. When I was travelling through that part of the land , I felt in love with the beauty and the art of the place. When you will come across that place , you will meet many ODD BHUNGA (Mud House) , and the houses are beautifully decorate by mirrors. Mostly they use circular mirrors to decorate the walls and this is called Lippan Kaam ( Lippan work).

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This Lippan work is also known as Mud Mirror Work. This is the traditional mural craft of Kutch. They define this work as LIPPAN means Mud-washing and KAAM means work.

Apart from the wall decoration they use their creativity over wooden panel to decorate their house. They people are highly creative as they can play with mud beautifully and shape the mud with stunning rich and embroidery patterns.

The mirrors they use are called as AABHLA and find in various shapes like round, diamond, triangular etc.. And they use white clay to print over the wooden panel.

Instead of wooden board , here I am using a white canvas board and its only because its easy availability. Otherwise if you have wooden board, only one thing you should do, you should add white clay layer uniformly first on the board and let it to dry for 4 to 5 days.

let go and make this beautiful craft.......

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Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials Used :

1. Canvas Frame ( Amazon India / Amazon )

2. Acrylic Colour ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. Shilpakar Clay ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Glue ( Amazon India / Amazon )

5. Mirror ( Amazon India / Amazon )

4. Talcum Powder ( Amazon India / Amazon )

Tools Used

1. Pallet Knife ( Amazon India / Amazon )

2. Brushes ( Amazon India / Amazon )

3. Pencil ( Amazon India / Amazon )

Step 2: Prepare the Canvas

To make this beautiful craft I have taken a 12" circular canvas frame . By the help of a scale, I clearly divided into Eight equal segments . To get Eight equal segments , I have drawn Four diameters having equal intervals.

Keeping the intersection point as the center of the circle , I have taken a bangle of mine and place it over the board. I placed it like a manner that, the mid point must create equal radius with the inner periphery of the bangle.

Then I did mark the circle and taken this first circle as the reference of the further circles.

Step 3: Draw Circles and Segments

Then the easiest way to draw circles over the canvas is, take equal required distances over the scale lines from outer surface of the previous circular line and join them together to form a circle.

Here to get a further circle , I have marked 2cm. on each of the scale lines from the outer periphery of the circle.Then I did smoothly join each points together with free hand. By this you can draw circle without using a rounder, which may give a harm to your canvas board.


If you think your free hand is not so good. Then the better way take a equal size paper and draw a circle with exactly same size of canvas . Then find its mid point of the circle and draw number of required circles .

Then simply copy it over your canvas board with a help of carbon paper.


Don't use Blue OR Black carbon paper. Always use Yellow carbon paper while using white canvas board.

Step 4: Draw the Art Work

After finishing up some circles, I have drawn some pointed petals.

And I have tried to manage three pointed petals on each segments. (please find the images attached)

Then I have drawn some round petals, triangles, leaf pattern etc.

You can do any embroidery designs as per your choice.


If you wish not to draw with your free hand, then you can draw with that paper as I mentioned before and copy it over the canvas.

Or you can download any circular images from the internet and can copy with help of a carbon paper.

Step 5: Color the Board ( Stage - 1)

Then after the completion of the drawing part, we should go forward to its coloring part. For coloring , I have taken acrylic colors.

You should do very carefully while you coloring as sometime it happens that we wrongly cover the part which I kept blank for further step.

For example, to color the extreme outer part, first i put Light Green color to cover those area which does not come under the embroidery.(For better knowledge please go though the video attached with this article)

Then to finish the rounded petal, I have used Orange color, which really gives vibrant looks to the canvas.

When you complete these two patterns, you can able to see a blank triangles pattern automatically forms and use can easily color this on further step.

Like this you can move forward and complete step by step.

Step 6: Color the Board ( Stage - 2)

Then moving towards the pointed petals , I have use Ultramarine Blue to color the certain parts and as usual some blank triangles appear which make my job easy.

I cover the triangles using chrome yellow.

Step 7: Color the Board ( Stage - 3)

By keeping this method, you can easily complete the entire canvas.

Let it to dry for sometimes.

Its highly recommended to use less than 1 number size brush like 0 No. or 00 No. etc..

If you want a glossy look, then apply gloss varnish after it gets dried up.

Step 8: Glue Mirrors

To stick the mirrors over the canvas, you can use craft glue or any kind of white glue.Choose the mirrors according to your patterns and requirements .

I have taken a single big sized mirror for the center part and some circulars and diamond shapes for decorating the remaining parts over the canvas.

You can place according to your choice and creativity. But remember one thing, don't put the mirrors in such a way that it will give a messy and clumsy look to your entire project.

Step 9: Prepare the White Mud

Here I have used Shilpakar clay which comes with two packs inside (i.e. Resin and Hardener).

Take equal amount of resin and hardener, mix it well to get the white clay.

To avoid the stickiness of the clay you can use talcum powder while mixing these together.

For better result keep it aside at least 4-5 minutes and then use it.

Step 10: Clay the Outlines of Mirrors

Now roll the clay like a way that the entire roll must have equal thickness. Now before placing the rolled clay, glue that particular part with white glue. You can use earbud to glue the particular sections.Then immediately place the clay over it.

If the rolled clay length is just longer than its required size, then cut it by helping of any pallet knife.You can use any kind of knife to cut and resize the clay roll.

When you place clay around the mirrors it will looks really amazing. So it's better to make this part at this early stage.

Step 11: Clay the Outlines of Patterns

Then I did roll the clay again and again to cover all the outlines of the drawing patterns.

When working with this and you find any small sections then keep in mind that the thickness of the roll should be less so that it will easy to place over that section comfortably.

And while cutting the roll, keep conscious that, you should not cutting any adjacent part.

Now keep this clay for at least 2 days to dried up completely.

Step 12: Color the Clay

Now as the traditional clay color is white, you have to highlight the clay with white color.

Here I have used white acrylic color to cover the clay part.

Don't be so hurry while coloring the clay, because it may come over your previously colored canvas board. So be calm while coloring.

If by mistake you cross over the color then rectify it by using the 00 No. brush.

Now again let it to dry completely.

Step 13: Final Outcome

Now the Mud Mirror art / Lippan art is ready to decor wall of your house or your work place.

Watch the YouTube Video for better understanding : Video Link

I am really satisfied with the final outcome. This was my first attempt to make a traditional Lippan Art Work.

I hope you will definitely enjoy with your making. Please share your finish Art work at the comment section below. I am eagerly waiting to see it.

Thank you for reading my Instructable.



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    Larki this looks amazing. I will surely try this lovedddddd it.


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    How beautiful!


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    Very nice.

    Rhonda Chase Design

    2 months ago

    This is very beautiful and well executed! If you want to cut out a couple of steps and still have the same quality, you can try using Apoxie Sculpt clay. You wouldn’t need to use any glue, and it comes in white (and many other colors) so you don’t need to paint over it.


    3 months ago

    Thank you so much for all your kind words. I am glad to have this great compliment.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 months ago

    So fun and colorful! I love how the mirrors give the piece something extra :)

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    Wow, is that ever beautiful! Sure would never know it was your first time. Excellent instructable. Thank you!

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    Its completely my pleasure dear. Thanks for your valuable appreciation.