Mudroom Bench / Dog House




Introduction: Mudroom Bench / Dog House

Remodel of a double entryway closet into a place to put on or take off shoes as well as a hidden home for your smaller size dog.
Frame is made from 2"x 4" and is constructed to fit within the dimensions of the existing closet interior. Bench top is made to fit into opening on top of frame and is removable for easy cleaning. It can be left as wood or padded and upholstered to your preference. Faceboard is made of 1"x 4" joined together with entrances cut to whatever dimensions are required. All openings are covered by Aluminum Sheeting on the inside in order to keep your pet in when needed and also provide light and ventilation.

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    Aluminum sheeting might not give the dog enough air, I would highly recommend getting galvanized after welded wire-a heavy gauge, and make sure you trim it out with batten or quarter around so that no sharp edges hurt the dog

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    I would suggest the one by two, or half by to type welded wire like they use on professionally built rabbit cages

    This is a neat project, and something I'm interested in doing myself. It would be helpful to have more instructions on how you constructed it -- step-by-step. What kind of aluminum sheeting is that?

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    The Sheeting is 1/32" aluminum decorative sheet. Usually comes in a 3'x3' sheet and in a variety of patterns. It is easily cut with snips to desired size and should be available at most of the larger chain hardware stores.
    I apologize for the lack of the step by step process as I didn't document the build, but I'm happy to try and describe any aspects you might have a question on. Thanks for the feedback.