My Cedar Beams Teardrop Trailer




My Cedar beam Teardrop Trailer

Step 1: Cedar Beam Teardrop Trailer

Here is the start to a part time year and a half project building a custom cedar beam teardrop trailer. The first step was drawing up a frame using sketup and sending it to a buddy to get built out of 2" X 4" aluminum tube.

Step 2: Floor and Template for the Beams

I framed out the floor using 2x6 lumber so i would have some room for insulation in the floor and extra storage. I then too a sheet of plywood and made a template to make the cedar beam.

Step 3: Beam Bending

The beam started by cutting a bunch of cedar 4x4 posts down to 3 1/4" by about 3/16 thick by 8' long. It took about 6 - 4x4 posts to get enough material to make the beam. I then belt sanded both sides of each 3/16" pieces. Then i use lots of exterior grade gorilla glue, glueing each piece on top of the next till the beam was 3" thick.

Step 4:

Here is a picture of me fitting the beam onto the floor which took some belt sanding and a couple long lag bolt that are screwed in from the inside of the frame.

Step 5:

After both beams were installed i framed some walls from the floor up to the underside of the beam. And then between the beams to create the roofline. As you can see i managed to get some R-5 instulation into the walls and ceiling as well. Before the insulation was installed i ran wiring for my fan/ lights and some 12V lighter plug ins.

Step 6:

Here you can see the mostly finished beam with the insulated walls.

Step 7:

I then siliconed on a 5'x10' piece of .064" aluminum to use as siding. I managed to use a oscillating tool to cut into the underside of the beam so the aluminum would slide right into the underside of the beam. It was a bit of a trial and error process. I then install the prefab door i had order along with the exterior light.

Step 8:

I then used some checker plate for a rock guard on the front of the trailer and the same .064" aluminum for the roof.

Step 9:

I don't have any pictures of the axle or tire install. But the axle was custom ordered from a local torsion axle shop. It then bolted through the aluminum frame with some grade 8 bolts.

Step 10:

I then installed a starview window in the ceiling and a tri fold matress that i found online that folds into a couch and into a bed.

Step 11:

The rear hatch door was a bit of a pain to build and still doesn't quite fit right, but it is weather tight. I then built a basic kitchenette with some drawers and cabinets. Pretty basic, but is all i need.

Step 12:

Have been using the trailer for the past year and have been loving it. It was quite the project but looking back on it was alot of fun and alot of couch sitting engineering on how it was going to go together. Hope this inspires someone to go build something as i know this won't be my last project.



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    4 days ago on Introduction

    Such a compact trailer with a surprisingly ample amount of space inside. Additional storage is always welcomed in my household and this extra transportation is a great addition for the outdoors.

    I'm always very impressed when people are able to carry out a build that they're able to use functionally on the roads. There are always so many limitations and requirements of building such things that I give up before I've even started. It's great to know that there are so many enterprising and hands-on individuals that are keeping this sort of innovation and creativity alive though!


    This would be great to bring the kids or even the pets for a day out in the park or maybe even across town. It is like a smaller mobile home that would also pass as storage. Friends or family moving over the weekend and need a hand at transporting goods? There you are with your handy-dandy tiny mobile home out to do some part-time work.


    6 months ago

    Looks dope dude !


    9 months ago on Step 12

    Fantastic workmanship. This little rig is beautiful.


    9 months ago

    I love that the use of the glue-lam cedar probably adds strength and space for deep insulation. Do you have a rough idea for cost?

    Great post.


    9 months ago

    I like it. What do you propose it weights? Wondering since the frame is manufactured from aluminum. But you did a great job of building it. Bravo sir, Bravo!

    Kink Jarfold

    9 months ago on Step 12

    Ryan, this is great. You did a fantastic job. Happy camping! KJ

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    9 months ago

    This is awesome. If you get a chance, could you add titles to your later steps. A descriptive title helps make it easier to scroll through.