Introduction: My HDR =D

HDR is very easy but also very impressive. The second picture looks like it has been taken from a video game and it looks like a lot of work but it realy isn't. What you will need is a tripod, a camera and adobe photoshop (or any other good photo editing software). Use the tripod to make sure that the camera doesn't move from it's original position and take the same picture multiple times with different levels of exposure. Use as many different exposures you can i took eight photographs. Then open these pictures in photoshop and merge them together in the mini bridge menu ( i'm using Cs5 don't know if other versions have this option ) after that photoshop will work it's magic and give you an excellent looking HDR in seconds. You will get better results if you use a better camera, i have a pretty basic camera so the quality isn't that good. Hope this helps =)

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