My Iron Man Classic Halloween Costume




Introduction: My Iron Man Classic Halloween Costume

My Halloween costume for this year(2008). It's the Iron Man classic costume. You can see better pics of the helmet in the web page. Plaz feel free to use my photos as references.



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    I think this is awesome!  Sure it isn't hundreds of dollars cool, but it is creative and therefore cooler than store-bought!  Kudos my friend!

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    compared with the buget you had, it looks pretty good, but its extremelycheesy and not really looking like iron man,  take a look at theiron man movie and note the changes in red to yellow, and maybe, if yourlow on bugdet or like me are really lazy and dont like to do a lot ofwork, make the prototype iron man suit in the movie thats metalic color,just use cardboard and that... paper stuff, i forgot the name... Tinfoil thats what, use tin foil and double stick tape,... i used hot glueonce and the whole sheet grew to a big temperature and it got hard to handle

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    Thanx a lot for the ideas Dude! I'll surely try them.. This year, I'mmaking a cardboard samurai armour and a scream costume....I wanna make ascream....but maybe It'll turn out to be grim reaper at the end..hehehehe

    Thanx..acutally I was running whort in I finished it in a low budget :) hehehe