My Long Forgotten Shawl...

Introduction: My Long Forgotten Shawl...

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I crocheted this shawl a long time ago, and discovered it recently at my parents' home. I thought it was worth sharing it :)

I used my mother's old woolen sweater to crochet this shawl wrap - first I unraveled the sweater and then started crocheting following a pattern from a local magazine. The shawl is worked from the lower corner upward so that it forms a triangle. After finishing the shawl, I attached long fringe. Since I don't have the magazine with me anymore, I started working on the pattern myself, and as soon as I draw it and write it completely, I'll share it with the public. In the meantime, you can find some more patterns and ideas on my blog:

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Step 1: Material

About 450gr of thick yarn or 300gr of cotton thread if you want to make a summer version of this shawl.

Step 2: Instructions

st - stitch
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
tc - triple crochet
n.a. - next arch

Start the shawl from the bottom corner by working ch9, close in a circle.

row 1 - ch7, 5dc in the ch9 circle, ch3, 1dc in the next st. Turn (continue working in rows - turning the piece after each row and begin all rows with ch7, and finish all rows with ch3 and 1tc in the 4th st of previous row).
row 2 - 1sc in the 1st arch, ch5, 1sc in n.a.
row 3 - 5dc in the 1st arch, ch3, 1sc in n.a., ch3, 5dc in n.a.
row 4 - *1sc in 1st arch, ch5*, repeat 2x from*to* .
row 5 -  5dc in 1st arch, ch3, 1sc in n.a., ch3, 3dc in n.a. (starting the central diamond), ch3, 1sc in n.a., ch3, 5dc in n.a.
row 6 - 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 3dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a, ch5, 1sc in n.a.
row 7 - 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a.
row 8 - 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 11dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a.
row 9 - 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, ch3, skip 1 st, 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a.
row 10 - 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, ch3, 1sc in n.a.,  ch3, skip 2sts, 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc n.a.
row 11 - 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, ch3, 1sc in n.a.,
ch3, 1sc in n.a., ch3, skip 2sts, 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a.
row 12 - *1sc in n.a., ch5*, repeat 2x from*to*, ch5, skip 2sts, 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch3,
1sc in n.a., ch3, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, *ch5, 1sc in n.a.*, repeat 2x from *to*.
row 13 - *5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5*, repeat 1x from *to*, skip 2sts, 7dc,
2dc in n.a., ch1, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, *ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a.*, repeat 1x from *to*.
row 14 - *1sc in n.a., ch5*, repeat 4x from*to*, skip 2sts, 7dc, 1dc in n.a., 7dc,
*ch5, 1sc in n.a.*, repeat 4x from*to*.
row 15 - 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 3dc in n.a. (starting the next diamond),
 ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, skip 2sts, 11dc, ch5,
1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 3dc in n.a. (starting another diamond), ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a.
row 16 -1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, 2dc in n.a., *ch5, 1sc in n.a.*,
repeat 2x from *to*, ch5, skip 2sts, 7dc, *ch5, 1sc in n.a.*, repeat 2x from *to*, ch5,
2dc in n.a., 3dc, 2dc in n.a., *ch5, 1sc in n.a.*, repeat 1x from *to*.
row 17 - 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5,
1sc in n.a., ch5, 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, skip 2sts, 3dc, ch5, 1sc in n.a.,
ch5, 5dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 2dc in n.a., 7dc, 2dc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 
5dc in n.a.
row 18 - repeat row 8 1x, then ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, repeat row 8 again.
row 19 - repeat row 9 1x, ch5, 1sc in n.a., ch5, repeat row 9 again.
row 20 - repeat row 10 1x, ch5, repeat row 10 again.
From row 21 repeat rows 11-20 as many times as you need to get to the end of the row.

Work until you reach a desired length (you will have 4, 5 or more diamonds). Finish off with row 17, repeating the pattern as many times as the width of the shawl requires.

From the remaining yarn (or thread) cut long fringe and attach them to the diagonal sides of the shawl. Sprinkle the finished piece with water, iron it and leave to completely dry on a flat surface.

Note: in case you notice any errors in these instructions, please let me know.

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