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This is a tour of my DIY Medical Trauma Kit made up of various items, which I bought individually or from other First Aid Kits.

Step 1: Top Pouch

This is where I keep my my Trauma Shears and 2 pairs of Nitrile Gloves.

Note: The Trauma Shears have a paracord loop on the handle so the can be strapped into the velcro, so they won't fall out when in transport.

Step 2: Top Zipper Compartment

In this compartment I keep 20 conforming bandages (5cm x 4m).

Step 3: Main Compartment

I have not, yet, filled up the top part of the main compartment.

Note: next steps are about the individual products.

Step 4: Gauze Swabs Bag

This small bag holds my 3" x 3", 2" x 2" and 7.5cm x 7.5xm Gauze Swabs.

Step 5: 2 X 36 Inch Sam Splints

Step 6: Cleaning & Scissors

2 x Surgical Scissors

2 Packets of 10 Cotton Tips

2 x Wound Cleansing Tube

UPDATE: I just ordered 10 more irrigation cleansing tubes.

Step 7: 4 X Finger Splints

Step 8: SPF 50+ Sunscreen & Antiseptic Solution

Step 9: 3 X Space Blankets

Step 10: No. 15 Wound Dressing

Step 11: 5 X Triangular Bandages

Step 12: 4 (2 in Each Pack) X Instant Ice Packs

Step 13: 2 X 1L Bottles of 0.9% Sodium Chloride

I keep one bottle in my kit and the other one as a spare.

Step 14: 2 X 1L Bottle of Distilled Water

Again, I keep one bottle in my trauma kit and the other spare.

Step 15: Sports Kit

In my sports kit, I keep 2 Instant Ice Packs, Scissors, Tweezers and 2 rolls of Elastic Adhesive Tape.

Step 16: Post Wound Care Kit

In my post wound kit bag I keep non-adherent pads, an adhesive island dressing, a wound dressing, wound closure strips (5 packs of 5 strips), wound plaster and a large wound dressing.

Step 17: Now the Left Side Compartment

In this compartment I keep 4 x Stretch Bandage (10cm x 3.2m), 4 x Stretch Bandage (7.5cm x 3.2m), 4 x Stretch Bandage (5cm x 4.9m), 2 rolls of adhesive plaster and 24 safety pins (SML, MED & LRG).

Step 18: Front Compartment

In the front compartment I keep a variety of things, so let's go through them!

Step 19: Things

I keep a container of Vicks, PawPaw ointment and a light which has a normal light, the white part flashes green, it can also be steady as well, and there is a whistle in the end.

Step 20: Gauze

I have 3 x 3 inch and 2 x 2 inch gauze swabs.

Step 21: 4 X CPR Masks

Step 22: Minor Wound Kit

In this kit I keep small band-aids and large ones, splinter probes, Burn Aid Gel and a triple antibiotic ointment.

Step 23: Ibuprofen and Some Tweezers

Step 24: 4 (2 Packs of 2) Instant Hand Warmers

Step 25: Now to the Right Side Compartment

This is where I keep my cleaning things;

- Cotton Balls

- Pocket Tissues

- Hand Washing Packets

- Alcohol Pads

- Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes

- & also some spare bags.

Step 26: And Second Last...

I really like how the bag has backpack straps as well, as well as having handles, and a shoulder strap this bag is very versatile.

Step 27: Things I Would Like to Add or Put In...

These are some things that I would like to add to my trauma kit when I can buy them;

- Itch Relief Spray (for bites, stings and rashes).

- Guedel Airway Kit

- Stethoscope

- Bandage Clips

- Insta-Glucose

- Bio-Hazard Bags

- Utility Knife

These are the things I have which I need to put in;

- No Water Pump Hand Wash

- Ink Pens

- Pen Light

- Lighter/Matches



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    13 Discussions


    8 months ago

    Been a while since this was posted so disregard if this has been addressed.

    You'll need to triple up on gauze pads & add both tourniquets and Quick Clot. Olaes bandages would be an excellent addition as well as chest seals.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 months ago

    Hello! I have updated the kit since this was posted and I have added some more gauze swabs, and also I have added another smaller kit more major wounds, which is pretty much made up of many 20x20cm Combine Dressings.

    Tourniquets are on my buying wish list - haha, I will also add some Quikclot dressings and Olaes bandages to the list.

    Thanks for the ideas!


    Question 11 months ago on Step 16

    Where did you get the plastic bin that you used for your minor wound kit?

    1 answer

    Tip 1 year ago on Step 19

    I have added a headlamp for hands free light along with extra batteries.


    1 year ago

    remember people are allergic to Latex some of your items do contain this item

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yeah, the first thing I would like to add as well is some non-latex gloves and them keep I guess replacing things with non-latex items.


    1 year ago

    This is an excellent start! You might want to see step 5 in my 'ible, and the comments section at the end where some esoteric stuff gets chewed on.. Your kit appears to be a good one, UNLESS you are having to field dress a gaping gunshot wound or apply a tourniquet. You should consider a "combat gauze" that has a clotting agent (kwik clot or the other kind). Those things are pretty awesome!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing that with me! I will look into buying some combat gauzes! Thanks again!


    1 year ago

    I like this a lot...can you tell me where you found the bag itself?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Hello I brought the bag off E-Bay for $85!


    1 year ago

    Nice assortment you got there, why not add a few utility knives and lighters to it for disinfecting and opening infections?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for the comment! I'll have to buy a utility knife and out in some lighters! Good idea!