My CreativeZen (or MP3) Player Won't Connect to My Computer!



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 Heres how to fix a common problem with CreativeZen/ MP3 players.
Device is not recognized by computer
Device will not sync
Device won't connect to Zen Media Explorer/iTunes/WMP

In other words, your player cannot get new music or videos.

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Step 1:

 Plug your device in, using the USB cord that came with it.

Go to Start>Control Panel> Systems>Hardware Tab. In the hardware tab, click Device Manager.

Step 2:

 In the Device Manager, expand portable devices.
Look for the name of you player. It should have a yellow exclamation mark next to it. right click it.

Step 3:

 Because I already fixed my problem, the following steps are going to be without pictures. 
In the right click menu, look for something that says along the line of 'update drivers'. Click that, and it will open a driver wizard.
In the wizard, click next and continue clicking next until it gives you the option of looking at the list of driver yourself. Check that box, and click next.

A list of nonsense will come up. Scroll down until you see 'portable devices'. Click it.

A new window will pop up. It will have a short list of the one that says MTP device. Click next. It will do it's magic, and your device will go 'bleep' and sync! HURRAAYYY!!!

If anyone knows why this works, please tell me. I pulled it off a set of instructions here( first comment), but there was no explanation as to why it worked.

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    Oh, and it works because every piece of hardware connected to your computer needs a driver. If this is out of date, then the hardware won't work. Ta da!