My First SteamPunk Hat!

Introduction: My First SteamPunk Hat!

This is my first attempt at creating a SteamPunk hat I took an old plastic party Top hat and tied a bandanna around the brim. Next I put strips of duct tape (Its meant to be duct not duck) on the hat, Than slipped swim goggles over it. Lastly I used flash bulbs from a film camera and cut slits for them to fit into the hat. 



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    Nice Job! Sorry about all the other jerks commenting, they are just insecure about the crap that they make so they make fun of other peoples things.

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    I posted that comment 2 years ago -_- and I dont even remeber what I said not trying to be mean. dont call me a jackass. to me it just looks like a plastic hat with swimming goggles. and it doesnt look that steampunk either coloring wise :/

    It's a start. Good job. +1 <3