My Halloween Creation - Asylum Madness

Introduction: My Halloween Creation - Asylum Madness

About: I am a professional photo restorer and retoucher . Who loves anything to do with graphics. I enjoy making image montages for a hobby these can very on themes. I like to try different looks different places e...

I wanted to create an eerie scene using elements from images and photoshop brushes. Firstly I worked on the vampire I found a picture of a beautiful model that I thought would be perfect for my picture. I wanted a cracked texture for her skin. I find that cracked mud or cracked clay works well for this as you get bold cracks and minimal texture between. 

I made a few adjustments to the cracked texture image so there was just enough information for what was needed for  the vampire.

Next I created a new layer and used the pen tool to go around her eyes to create a selection then refined the edge and filled with black I then used white and created the light reflections to the eyes. 

Now that is done i found some vampire teeth  on an image of a mouth  then added a layer mask and painted over till there were just 4  front teeth these were going to be her new teeth that would sit under her lip. once I had the teeth ready i sized and warped them to fit in her mouth. i then used a fine line of black to emphasize the teeth this was done on an opacity of about 48% so the black was not to bold.

Now it is time for the blood I had a blood splatter render  of which i made 4 copies as I wanted different sections i placed the drips over her eyes then masked out till i had it fitting under the eyes perfectly  then did the same for the mouth I  had to paint in more black  inside her mouth creating a bigger hole. 

and made it look like the blood was spilling over her lip. 

With that done it was time to work on the asylum I started with a stock image then added the photo of the little girl she already was set for horror so saved me having to do that to a normal girl. With the 2 images  i now moved the girl out of the way Whilst I created A mist in the back doorway. Then i placed and scaled the image over the doorway entrance and brought the fill slider down to about 40% then using a mask i removed a lot of the picture so her head looked ghost like. I then did a bit of dodge and burning to enhance her features.

it was time to add the vampire that I created earlier she was to be right at the front of the image like a greater I removed all her background.

there was a section in the asylum that was black and looked out of place when i put her there So i created another wall behind her  with the clone tool and sampled different areas to create a new wall with pillar. 

With this all done it was time to apply a colour cast  I went with a rich sepia which casted a shade rather than just block colour so  no details were lost. 

With this done it was time for more dodge and burning  this time i focused on the building i placed diagonal lines from the ghost  forwards  on the floor to portray depth. i then used single strokes in a random fashion to emphasize the dereliction of the asylum and make my image complete I have included the images used.

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    some are from deviant art and others i have collected over the years for example the mouth i have had over 2 years. I create montage designs for a hobby so i collect images just to kill time. I don't do it for any financial gain never sold my montage designs and never will I just want to share the process so others can do something similar.