NFU Dream Maker Project:Somatosensory Quadrocopter Module




This program allows the user to control the quadcopter based on hand position using gloves.

Instead of controlling the signal, this method controls the remote control and thus the quadcopter.

Note: This is designed for the JJ1000. You can use the same principle to design the same device to control your quadcopter


Step 1: Material

You will need :

  • Quadrocopter *1 (I use the JJ1000 )
  • Servo motor MG996R *4 (or SG995)
  • Arduino Nano *1
  • Arduino Mega *1
  • MPU6050 *1
  • NRF24l01 *2
  • Battery *1
  • MP2307 *1
  • TP4056 *1
  • 2mm iron shaft *4

Step 2: Prepare Glove

Prepare a pair of gloves, mount the MPU6050 to the most stable position, mount the flex sensor to the index finger, and mount the Arduino Nano, Battery, MP2307, and TP4056.

Solder each sensor according to the circuit diagram.

Upload this Arduino Nano program: "Glove_4" into the Arduino Nano.

Step 3: Print Structure Part

Print the following files with laser cutting and 3D printing.

Step 4: Assembling Each Part

Use the M3 nut and screw to assemble each part.

Step 5: Control Terminal

Connect the servo motor and NRF24l01 follow the circuit diagram.

Upload this Arduino Mega program: "Servo_4" into the Arduino Mega.

Step 6: Test It!

Test it and have fun, you may need to adjust the program content to make you better control your quadcopter.



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    Question 1 day ago on Introduction

    if i not have Quadrocopter *1 (I use the JJ1000 ) can i use any quadrocopter


    10 months ago

    i have an error. i need your help.