Naruto Scroll

Introduction: Naruto Scroll

This is how to make the true naruto scroll.

Step 1: You Need :

_ Black paperboard

_ A small stiff cardboard tube

_ A paper roll receipt

_ A small piece of cloth

_ Glue

_ Scissors or little cutter

_ Felt

Step 2: The Tube

Cut the black paperboard to be the same size as the tube. Fold the paperboard to be more flexible. Put glue on a side, roll up the paperboard around the tube an glue the other side. You have a black tube! You can also paint the tube.

Step 3: Let Us Fill Holes

OK, so cut little disc (not square...) of the same size as the ends. And cut an other disk. Stick and cut what exceeds. You have a black cylinder!

Step 4: And Now the Paper

Stick a ends of the roll paper to the cylinde. And roll up! All the roll.

Step 5: Decoration

Color the sides and write all you want.

Step 6: The Final Touch

Roll up the cloth and set around the roller.

Step 7: Finish!

And now you can play naruto. I give tou too a files with all the techniques of naruto but it's in french because I'm French!


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    5 years ago

    thx man worked great


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    Thanks !


    2 years ago

    2018 dude and this helped


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    You're welcome ;)


    4 years ago

    im watching the chunin exams right after this


    5 years ago on Introduction

    translated it!

    The affinity to the Fire element allows for Katon techniques (Art to control the fire). The affinity to the element of Wind allows for Fuuton techniques (Art master the wind). The affinity to the element of Lightning allows for Raiton techniques (Art master lightning). The affinity to the Earth element allows for Doton techniques (Art master the earth). The affinity to the Water element allows to realize Suiton techniques (Art master water).

    Hi (火, Fire) + Kaze (風, Wind)

  • Kaze (風, Wind) + Kaminari (雷, Lightning)
  • Kaminari (雷, Lightning) + Tsuchi (土, Earth)
  • Tsuchi (土, Land) + Mizu (水, Water)
  • Mizu (水, Water) + Hi (火, Fire)
  • Hi (火, Fire) + Kaminari (雷, Lightning)
  • Kaminari (雷, Lightning) + Mizu (水, Water)
  • Mizu (水, Water) + Kaze (風, Wind)
  • Kaze (風, Wind) + Tsuchi (土, Earth)
  • Tsuchi (土, Land) + Hi (火, Fire)

    Gokakyou Katon no jutsu (Supreme fireball): Snake Aries-Monkey-Pig-Horse-Tiger

    The user creates one or more clone (s) consists entirely (s) of fire that becomes (es) of the flames at the slightest touch.

    Bunshin no jutsu Katon (Fire clone): Tiger

    The user blows a big ball of fire ravaging everything in its path.

    Hosenka Katon no jutsu (fire petals): Rat-Tiger-Dog-Ox-Tiger-Rabbit

    The user blows several fireballs small sizes that can hit multiple opponents.

    Ryuuka Katon no jutsu (Fire Dragon): Snake-Dragon-Tiger-Rabbit

    The user is surrounded by an aura of fire down the track towards the opponent. This attack can be countered by a Suiton technique.

    Katon Karyuudan (breath of fire dragon): Aries

    The user blows a powerful wave of fire.

    Uring Karyuu Katon (Fire Dragon Missile): Aries-Horse-Snake-Dragon-Rat Ox-Tiger

    The user blows a huge ray of light overkill.

    Karyuuheki Katon (Fire Wall): Aries-Dog-Pig-Tiger

    The user blows in front of him to form a wall of fire.

    Katon Haisekishô (burning ash cloud): Snake Aries-Tiger

    The user blows a cloud of ash that surrounds the opponent then once the user clenches his teeth, this cloud explodes.

    Katon Zukokku (bold face): Rat-Dog-Tiger

    The user creates a big breath of fire covering a large area that can be fatal to the opponent.

    Kasumi Enbu Katon no jutsu (fog dance): Snake Aries-Monkey-Tiger

    A user with an affinity Fuuton blows air combining with Katon attack by another user or the fire already in the area.

    Gouryuuka Katon no jutsu (the fire of the Supreme dragon): Tigre

    It's Katon most powerful attack. The user blows several flaming dragon heads.

    Mizu Bunshin no jutsu (aqueous clone): Tiger

    The user creates one or more fully formed clones (s) of water that becomes (es) liquid (s) at the slightest touch.

    Suiton Suiryuudan no jutsu (the aqueous dragon):Buffle-Singe-Lièvre-Rat-Cochon-Coq-Buffle-Cheval-Coq-Rat-Tigre-Chien-Tigre-Serpent-Coq-Bélier-Serpent-Cochon-Bélier-Rat-Singe-Coq-Dragon-Coq-Buffle-Cheval-Bélier-Tigre-Serpent-Rat-Singe-Lièvre-Cochon-Dragon-Bélier-Rat-Buffle-Singe-Coq-Rat-Bélier-Cochon-Coq

    The user creates a very formidable aqueous huge dragon.

    Suiton Suirou no jutsu (the aqueous prison): Snake Aries-Horse-Hare Ram Hare-Horse

    The user forms an aqueous prison for holding an opponent but needs to stay right next to him.

    Suiton Daibakufu no jutsu (the big catalacte)Tigre-Buffle-Singe-Lièvre-Rat-Cochon-Coq-Buffle-Cheval-Coq-Tigre-Chien-Tigre-Serpent-Tigre-Buffle-Singe-Lièvre

    The user creates a huge wave surrounding and directs his opponent.

    Suiton, Ninpou Kirigakure no jutsu (camouflage in the Mist): Half Tiger

    The user creates a blinding fog that prevents even to see what there is to three meters.

    Suiton Mizu no Eigyo (assimilation of water): Aries

    The user hides in water to retreat, relax or prepare a surprise attack.

    Suiton Suijinheki (water wall): Tiger-Tiger Rat Snake-Snake Tiger

    The user creates a wall made up of water it blows or which is already in the area.

    Suiton Teppo Dama (water ball): Tigre

    The user spits out a big powerful water ball.

    Suiton Mizuame Nabara (extended sticky water): Tiger

    The user spits out sticky water over part of the ground.

    Suiton Suishouha (tidal tide): Hand assembly

    A tidal tide forms around the user and then it darkens rapidly on the opponent.

    Suiton Bakuisui Shouha (wave burst): Hand assembly

    The user spits out a large amount of water that completely covers the surface of the battlefield.

    Suiton Daibaku Suishouha (bursting of the great wave): Hand assembly

    The user spits out a huge amount of water that forms a dome entirely of water completely covering the battlefield and imprisons the opponent. The user is the center of the dome, and when he moves, the dome moves too.

    Suiton Takitsubo no jutsu (the big waterfall) Dog

    The user of water covers a large wall, a wall or a wall. Water can attack an opponent at the bottom of the wall or rampart.

    Ja no Kuchi Suiton (snake's mouth): Rat-Monkey-Tiger-Dragon-Horse

    The user creates a big wave in the shape of a snake's mouth.

    Suiton Suikoudan no jutsu (aqueous shark): Buffalo Tiger-Dragon Hare-Rooster-Dragon-Aries

    The user creates a very dangerous aqueous shark.

    Suiton Goshokuzame (five hungry sharks): Hand assembly

    The user creates five very hungry aqueous shark.

    Suiton Suijin Kiri (aqueous pikes): Rooster Hare-Tiger

    The user creates four aqueous pikes which sink at full speed on the opponent.

    Suiton Kokuyou no jutsu (black rain): Aries-Tiger Snake

    The user creates an oil rain that may very well be combined with a Katon technique.

    Suiton Mizu Menseki (of water): Ox Hare

    This attack is used when there is no water nearby. The user exits and floor space parchment with the word "water" written on it, then he places his foot by making signs. Water then exits the parchment and covers a portion of the soil.

    Suiton Haran Banshou (blocking storm): Snake

    The user creates a large wave that can attack multiple opponents simultaneously.

    Suiton Hahonryuu (raging torrents) Pig-Dog-Aries

    The user creates a huge wave that pushes the enemy. Effect: This technique can be trimmed by a Doton art.

    Suiton Mizu Rappa (Wave unleashed): Snake Tiger Hare

    The user blows a wave of fast water can be dangerous.

    Doton Bunshin no jutsu (mud clone): Snake

    The user creates one or more clone (s) consists entirely (s) becomes mud (es) viscous at the slightest touch.

    Doton Iwagakure no jutsu (camouflage in stone): Aries

    The user background in rock and becomes invisible. This attack can be used to hide to surprise attack or simply to rest, for example.

    Doton Dochuu No. Eigyo (soil assimilation): Aries

    The user is hidden in the earth in order to retreat, rest, prepare a surprise attack or out of a poisonous attack.

    Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no jutsu (fatal beheading): Half Tiger

    The user who is hidden in the ground grabs the leg of his opponent and then brings the entire body except the head into the ground.

    Doryuutaiga Doton (Earth Dragon River): Tigre

    The user creates the mud under the feet of the opponent and then he lost his balance and the amount of sludge increases to cause several meters.

    Doton Doryuudan (missiles Earth Dragon): Aries-Horse-Dragon-Tiger

    The user creates the sludge in the form of a dragon head throwing very fast ground missiles.

    Doton Doryuuheki (earth wall): Aries

    The user spits of land to form a wall of earth.

    Doton Doryuujouheki (tere wall): tiger

    The user forms a gigantic super resistant earthen wall.

    Doton Yomi Numa (mud bog) Pig-Tiger

    The user creates a muddy swamp that immobilizes the enemy and invocations.

    Ninpou Kuchiyose: Doton Tsuiga no jutsu: Tiger Serpent-Dragon-Dog

    The user places his parchment on the floor and trackers dogs that are invoked subsequently move towards the enemy and stop.

    Doton Doryu Katsu no jutsu (separation of the Earth): Snake

    The user separates a cliff or similar stone barrier in order to (a) cross.

    Doton Domu (hardness): Snake

    The user partially or fully hardened his body to make it more solid than the stone. With this technique, the body can withstand most attacks and destroy most of the obstacles.

    Doton Ari Jigoku (hell ants): Rat

    The user creates the mud under the opponent immobilizing and sinks slowly opponent into the ground.

    Doton Doryuusou (flight of stone arrows): Rooster

    The user creates a dozen stone arrows coming out one after the other to the ground to attack the opponent.

    Doton Ganchuurou no jutsu (jail earth pillars): Rat-Horse-Dog-Snake

    The user creates several pillars coming out of the ground and form a jail around the opponent to imprison.

    Doton Ganban Kyuu (stone coffin) Snake

    The user brings out the rock of the earth to trap the opponent.

    Doton Iwa Vado Kuzuchi (destruction of the stone): Tiger-Rat-Snake

    The user creates a stone cave to crush the opponent or to block an outcome.

    Doton Retsudo Tenshou (soil tear): Pig-Demi-Ox Tiger

    The user puts his hand on the ground and creates a powerful earthquake that technology "Doton Iwa Vado Kuzuchi (destruction of the stone)." This technique causes a powerful landslide that can crush the opponent or block an outcome.

    Doton Uitenpen (Wheel of Fortune) Pig-Monkey-Monkey Rooster Aries

    User plate his hands on the ground and then creates a giant maze made entirely of earth.

    Doton Doro Houshi (mud spores): Monkey-Horse

    The user creates sludge that can bury the opponent. This attack may well be combined with a Suiton technique.

    Suna no Mayu (cocoon of sand): Tigre

    The user brings the sand around him to form a cocoon to protect themselves.

    Raiton Bunshin no jutsu (lightning clone): Hare

    The user creates one or more fully formed clones (s) becomes lightning (es) of electricity at the slightest touch.

    Chidori / Raikiri (thousand birds / lightning slayer: Ox-Hare-dissipation Dissipation-Monkey -Dissipation

    The user channels chakra in his hand he changes into electric current. The user then rushes on the opponent to plant her attack.

    Chidori Haretsu (explosion Miles birds): Tiger-Rat-Monkey-Horse-Dog-Dragon-Aries

    The user raises his hand and focuses his chakra throughout his body so that it becomes fully electric. The user then channeled all the power in his hands to form a large Chidori and directs it to the opponent. The Chidori is then divided into several departments that covers the entire area around the opponent and then it explodes. The opponent is automatically received if he does not leave the area before the attack.

    Raiton Jibashi (electromagnetic murder): Pig-Aries-Snake

    The user creates an electrical current from her hands up to a distance of three meters maximum.

    Raiton Kaminari Shibari (flash cage): Ox-Horse-Dragon

    The user launches his big stick in the air, which is divided into three and crashes into the ground around the opponent. The user then dials the signs and power windows bind sticks that imprisons the opponent. If the user has three sticks, it can be planted directly into the ground and realize the technique after dialing the signs.

    Raiton Shichuu Shibari (imprisonment by the 4 pillars): Hare

    The user dials the sign and four earth pillars out of the ground to surround the opponent. Just after electricity covers the area and this dizzy attack the opponent.

    Raiton Kangekiha (printing by the wave): Hare

    The user first uses a technical Suiton then combines it with the attack, which surrounds the water electricity.

    Raiton Raikouchuu (electric illusion, pillar of lightning): Aries-Horse Snake Tiger

    The user creates a great lightning display that dazzled the opponent then it creates a Genjutsu from the technical to then be able to attack without being able to defend themselves.

    Fuuton Bunshin no jutsu (wind clone): Dragon

    The user creates one or more fully formed clones (s) of wind that becomes (es) of the air at the slightest touch.

    Fuuton Suiran reppu (violent wind storm the green): Snake

    The user can remotely control a weapon that is parterre eg take it again if it is far away, to be free if he was imprisoned and then drill a defense or attack an opponent.

    Fuuton Hanachiri Mai (from petal fall dance): Dragon

    The user creates a petal tornado that struck violently the opponent.

    Fuuton Iki (breath): Asemblage hands

    The user blows a powerful air current which projects the opponent to a few meters.

    Fuuton no Tate (wind shield): Hand assembly

    The user spins the wind around him to create a tornado around him to serve as its protection.

    Fuuton Atsugai (destructive pressure): Aries

    The user blows a huge current of air that destroys all that is right in front of him.

    Fuuton Kaze Kiri no jutsu (sharp squall): Dragon

    The user creates a large gust of wind that can cut almost anything.

    Fuuton Shinkuuha (cutting edge vacuum): Rat Snake Horse Dog

    The user sucking air and then release it in a very large horizontal cutting blade.

    Fuuton ShinkuuRenpa (successive strikes vacuum): Dog

    The user draws air then he relaxes in four major successive blades very sharp in that order, followed by two horizontal two vertical.

    Fuuton Shinkuu Gyoku (spheres vacuum): Dog

    The user draws air then he relaxes in eight small sharp and virtually simultaneous radiation.

    Fuuton Shinkuu Daigyoku (large sphere of vacuum): Tiger-Dog

    The user draws a large amount of air and then it releases the high powerful sphere.

    Fuuton Reppuuken (devastating cyclone): Hand assembly

    This is the most powerful technical Fuuton. The user invokes a very large super powerful air current that can sweep anything in its path.

    Fuuton, Kiatsu (atmospheric pressure): Half Tiger

    The user, having imprisoned the opponent in the wind Prison (combines with "Fuuton Fuurou), reduced atmospheric pressure to slowly suffocate to the opponent who can die.

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    Byakuya Uzumaki
    Byakuya Uzumaki

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    merci beaucoup c'est un vrai travail d'orfèvre