Nefertiti Bust Paper Model Replica




Bring this wonderful ancient Egyptian artwork as a paper replica to your home!

The workflow I used for this paper model is described in this Instructables.

This greate 3D model I could download from here. Thanks a lot to Francesco Coldesina.

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Step 1: Build It

To build this paper model you have to download the free Pepakura Viewer.
With this program you can open the files below (LETTER/A4) and print the templates. It also helps you to assemble.

See also my build tips in this instructables.

It is a lot easier to build than my first insect model. Only the ears are bit complicated, the rest is mainly glueing strips togehter.

Step 2: Improvements

With the two models I have built so far, the following things are still a little unsatisfactory:

1. Glue residues on texture
Glue residues are virtually unavoidable. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a good method / remover without damaging the colors.

2. Coloring white edges
I use felt-tip pens to mask the ugly white edges (see photo with the insect model).
It is much better than not to mask the edges, but it's difficult to find the right color. As a result you'll still see the transitions (at least up close).

If you have an idea how to fix/improve this problems please let me know.

Have fun!

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