NeoPixel 24 Ring With Arduino



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Today, I will be teaching you how to setup and program a NeoPixel ring for Arduino!

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Step 1: Parts

You need:

NeoPixel 24 Ring

Arduino (i used a nano v3)



Programming cable

Step 2: Wiring

You will need:

Connectors (1 Red 1 Blue 1 Green)


Red to VCC

Blue to GND

Green to IN


Red to 3v3

Blue to GND

Green to Pin 2

Step 3: Coding

To get the final result, you will need these two files.

Kindly download the NeoPixel library for this to work.

Thank you to Bay Yolal for the help with the code.

Step 4: Enjoy

enjoy your new NeoPixel 24 ring!

I hope this was simple enough for you, and if not, feel free to ask nay questions in the comments below!

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