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Introduction: Neopixel Xbox Red Ring of Death Flying Disc

As an indication of general failure, Xbox gaming machines have the Red Ring of Death as shown by the red lights on the front panel. For Windows pc users, there is the BSOD, Blue Screen of Death. For Mac users, there is the...wait, you bas.....

Use a small Adafruit Trinket Attiny85 based microcontroller to drive the Neopixel LED lights attached to a regulation weight official branded Frisbee or otherwise throwing disc. The added weight of the electronics may turn it into a lethal device like Oddjob's bowler hat from James Bond what the hey, it looks cool when thrown.

This was inspired by the Neopixel Blinkendisc project on Adafruit's Learning System. I've got a Trinket. I've got some Neopixels...

CAUTION: Electronics is fun. Throwing things is dangerous. Make something fun and dangerous.

Step 1: Flying Disk or Disc...

You can use any flying disc available.

I got one made from a light color plastic so that the lights would show better through it.

I am reusing the electronics from my Star Wars Crossguard Neopixel Lightsaber.

It is an Adafruit Trinket with Neopixel strips. Gemma is the wearables version but still small.

There are two pieces of Neopixel strips that are 30 LEDs each from the 60 LEDs/m density strips.

It is wired up as one single long strip with half forming the outer light ring and the other half forming the inner light ring.

I am not posting any code but it is simple code to light up the rings and apply the Theater Chase light effect. The Theater Chase code snippet was derived from Gewfy's original code in his Neopixel Wand which inspired me to build the lightsaber.

Step 2: Solder Mask...

The logo on the plastic disc was printed on. I tried scraping it off with a razor knife.

It was easier to wet sand it with water and emery cloth to completely erase the printing.

On the backside, I covered the areas that need to block light with masking tape. I then used a razor knife to cut out and finalize the design

It would have been better to use something more opaque and more light blocking than what the blue masking tape could do. Use electrical tape instead so you don't have to apply several layers of blue masking tape.

Step 3: Blinken Lights...

Position your electronics and get all the wiring into place.

You can now mount the electronics.

Since there is a silicone sheath on the Neopixel strips, I wasn't sure what would really stick to it and I didn't want to break out the toxic fume glue.

The Neopixel strip on the outside is mounted to the inner lip of the flying disc rim.

I put some tape loops on the Neopixel strips as a gluing surface and hot glued that to the plastic disc. I put an extra big glob of hot glue to adhere it. The excess hot glue seemed to stick to the silicone sheath but could probably be peeled off if needed. Be careful when pressing it in as the hot glue will take a while to cool down.

After testing the lights, I wanted some more diffusion on the inner button symbol. I put some fiberfill batting there and taped it into place. Tape down any of the other loose wires hanging about.

You could also mod for a TRON neon glow theme or any other light up disc design.

You could also mod this with sensors to have it react by changing lights when thrown or caught. Add a mic module and have it respond to sound as it goes through the air. How about POV flying discs? Program it as a random timer object to play a game of catch to see who gets it when it turns red.

So, pending FAA approval, this disc still needs some mods to make it flight worthy. I do not have a lightweight Lithium-Polymer battery pack to replace those 3 alkaline cells. It would then be easier to counterbalance the opposite side with something less than a roll of quarters.

Once it is all balanced out and the CG(Center of Gravity) is at the absolute center of the disc and mass, you can then take it out for a few test flights. Use gloves to catch this thing like that boomerang in Mad Max.

Now go out and make one.


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    5 years ago

    for Mac its the spinning beach ball of death lol XD


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! And congratulations on your 200th instructable!