Nerf Element Shotgun Mod




Introduction: Nerf Element Shotgun Mod

this is my first instructable so dont hate!!!                                                                               


Step 1: Items Needed

one Nerf element ex-6
one Nerf bullet
knife or scissors
cookie sheet*
rubber cement*


Step 2: The Bullet

so take a nerf bullet and rip off the tip

Step 3: Cutting the Bullet

now cut the bullet into fifths 

if u need permission to use knifes or scissors ask yo parents

Step 4: The Works

load the gun

put them in


ur done!!!

Step 5: For Nerfers That Want to Take This 2 D Next Level...

now this mod is not 4 nerf wars its 4 entertainment if u want it 4 a war  or just to annoy some kid across the street...

dip the sliced up bullet into THIN Rubber cement and quickly make a hole in the ammo like it was right after you cut it    

Step 6: THE LAST STEP!!! Well Almost.

b4 it dries on your hands lay it on a cookie sheet

let it sit there 4 five to ten minutes

Step 7: WARNING!!!

i am not responsible 4 any injurys so if u poke ur eye out dont blame me

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             

STAY TUNED 4 tips, mods and advantages on d stampede:)



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    10 Discussions

    I've never seen it either, I usually just check the nerf gun section at target to see if there's any new one's and it's not there.

    I've hated how Target doesn't sell this gun. The only place I've ever seen selling it is on I hope it doesn't become one of those rare guns like the Longshot.

    Nice idea! Adding your own pictures would make this ible' much better. The only problem I find with this idea is that since each piece of the dart doesn't have a top to it, there is little/no air pressure to propel the foam pieces out of the gun.

    1 reply

    maybe adding pictures would be helpful, sounds like an interesting idea, i would love to see photos to accompany it