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Hi people, this is my first instructable so please don't criticize me too much! Also, IF THIS MOD COMPLETELY DESTROYS YOUR LONGSHOT, DON'T BLAME ME because it worked on mine. This probably wont happen, and if it does, its probably because you did something wrong. With these mods, my longshot shoots about 70-100ft. Also, if you remove a part, keep it.  You might change your mind and want to put it back in, or you might put it on another gun. i have had my longshot apart around a dozen times, doing the mods shown in this guide. It has probably been apart for over 48 hours total since i started modding in 2010. I had this gun unmodified for about two years, since 2008.

Another quick mod that you can do is to sand off the label that says not to modify the gun.  :)

Step 1: Step Numero Uno

1,  Open up your gun and take a good, long look at the insides. remember where everything is. sorry I don't have any good pics for this step. If you would like clearer instructions for this part, go to a modding site like Nerfhaven.

2.  Remove the Air Restrictor (AR)
The AR is found inside of the air chamber, outlined in the photo. It is a little circle supported by three prongs. Cut the prongs and remove the circle.

3.  Put some padding on the plunger
Do this because the plunger is going to be slamming right up against the housing. it will make it so your gun doesn't break as easy. Find a little round pad that's sticky on one side, such as the kind you put on the feet of chairs to protect wood floor.  Make sure it is not too thick and then trim it to the exact size of the plunger and stick it on.

4.  Aftermarket Spring Replacement
I don't really need to explain this one. Buy a stronger spring, but not so strong that your gun splodes.

5.  There is a little hole in the bolt. Cover it with a thin layer of electrical tape to help prevent the air from escaping and slowing down the dart.

Step 2: Get Rid of Some Stuff.

Firstly, take off the jam door. This will only get in the way and is unnecessary in unjamming the gun. My longshot hasn't ever jammed anyway but if you can do it with a door, you can do it without one. You may have to knock out the bolt pin to do this.

Step 3: Get Rid of More Stuff!

Secondly, get the bolt/plunger assembly back out. Cut off the little prong thingy on the front end of the bolt. This way you can shotgun load your longshot and it kinda works in the same fashion as a brass breech.

OPTIONAL: get rid of the little black thing shown in the other box. It is right in front of the air chamber, where the bolt comes out of it. If you do, the clip can be removed and replaced even with the breech closed. I did this and I like it better.

Step 4: More Stuff to Go

Get rid of this thing, found under the place where the bolt meets the barrel and next to where you put the clip in. I'm not sure what its called or what it does. It's like an appendix. I think it keeps darts from falling out when reloading but the pressure from the spring in the magazine takes care of that. All I know is that it gets in the way later...

Step 5: OHBOY!

Okay, now for the big stuff. I swear to you this helped me so much. The barrel is too big for the darts and therefore they bounce around in the barrel. Solution: remove the barrel.

Note: I don't know how well this helps stefans, cause I don't use em.

Also, remove all 3 orange parts shown in the box. They will get put back in later.

Step 6: Remove Barrel

Screw the two halves of the body back together.

Take a ruler and measure out an inch from the front of the jam door opening.

Saw all the way through. Also, while you have the saw out, cut off the tactical rail.


Now that you are done sawing, open your gun back up. The only part that goes back in is the little piece where the bolt meets the barrel. Save the little orange barrel, that can be used for cosmetics later.

Now you can put everything back together.

Step 8:

Now for cosmetic purposes, you can glue the old barrel piece on the underside of the stock, connected to the handle.

You're done. Yay!  Go shoot something!

Note: every once in a while, a dart may not shoot straight or may have very little power to it. This is because it was not pushed into the bolt far enough. If this happens continuously, you may want to reinstall the piece you took out in step four, or you could just use your finger and push it down.

Step 9: Other Mods

If you don't want to do this to your gun, there are other things you can do that only involve removing the bipod and its mount and possibly the tactical rail.
Following removal of bipod:

Custom shotgun grip made from two rulers and a piece of cardboard
One of those Reactor ball launchers mounted as a grenade launcher.

Following removal of Tac Rail:
Remount it somewhere else!



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    5 Discussions

    bigbro babe

    2 months ago

    nerf longshot is nerf gun that jams the most so I don't know why you say it has never jamed
    also the jam door is so usefull


    4 years ago

    Lolz the thing you have compared to an appendix is actually a dart tooth. You have removed the air restrictors, which is good, but you could be getting better range with that in.


    6 years ago on Step 4

    thats actully the dart tooth that pushes darts into the breach when you slide it forward. without it, nothing but very old skinny darts will feed at all. I realize this is an old post, but thats a critical piece for function.

    Look at the underside o the bolt/sled/air chamber assembly. In the black part of tge bolt, right next to the air chamber, there is a small hole. Its very hard to spot.