Nerf Rev 5 Paint Job





Introduction: Nerf Rev 5 Paint Job

This is a great nerf gun mod for the N-Strike Elite Specter Rev-5

You will need
1 screw driver.
2 cans of colored spray paint.
1 roll of masking tape.
1 Note Pad.
1 new nerf gun spring.
more than 3 days to complete


Step 1: Mask Tape

You should use blue masking tape to cover every white spot except for the revolving chamber ( Take All DARTS OUT OF THE BLASTER BEFORE TAPING.)

Step 2: Spray Paint

You will need any color spray paint that completely understands you I used black and neon glow in the dark green anyway spray the entire gun then once paint is dry remove tape now after taking the tape off the places the tape was aren't colored so now you cover everything that was not covered last time and then spray your second color your gun is painted but the internals haven't been touched yet so start your power drills:)



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