Netgear Modem/router Overheating (for DG834G and Similar)

Introduction: Netgear Modem/router Overheating (for DG834G and Similar)

Do you own a Netgear modem/router?
Do you loose connection or is it very slow?
Is it so hot that you can cook eggs on it?

OK, maybe is a overheating problem.
Follow this instructables and probably you will fix it without buy a new one.

NOTE: I have a DG834G, but you can use this guide for the other models of the same family.

Step 1: Open the Router

To open the router use a torx screwdriver.
The screws are located under the rubber foot-cushions in the bottom side.

Step 2: Verify the Capacitors

Verify all your electrolytic capacitors.

In my case one was in bad conditions and I decided to change all of them.
(In Internet you can find some guides that says vendor "TEAPO" isn't so good)

Step 3: Change the Capacitors

Desolder all the five capacitors.

The list of new capacitor is:
1x 10uF 50V (or 65V)
2x 1000uF 16V
1x 1000uF 25V
1x 3300uF 25V

The ones I bought at the store was a little bit bigger of the originals, but there is enough space for them (note that the two 1000uF 16V are put horizontally).

Solder the new capacitors.

Step 4: Add the Heat Sink

Get an old vga card and remove the heat sink.
Use a small saw and a file to reduce its size in a "comfortable" one.

Put some thermal paste on the router chip.
Leave two corners free for add some high temperature resistant super glue.

Put the heat sink on and press it for few minutes.

Step 5: Close the Router and Stand It Up

Close you router and use the stands for keep it in vertical position.
It's very important to do it for a better air circulation.

Conclusion: with less than 5 EUR you retuned your Netgear to new life!
You can improve performances change also the power supply with a stable one and also updating the firmware to the last version.

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    4 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic - mine's been overheating and dropping connections - never thought to check the caps. 2 were bulging at the top - replaced with some 1000uF 35V ones I had handy. Haven't put a heat sink on yet, but that will be next if it keeps cooking itself.


    9 years ago on Step 5

    I just discovered that Netgear modem/routers have a history of overheating! Mine is a Netgear Wireless ADSL Firewall Router DG834G and it's switched on 24/7 but only gets light use.

    Not only does it slow down, I have been completely losing my internet connection for seconds, minutes and sometimes hours. Time to switch to a different brand! Why on earth don't these devices have some sort of built-in cooling? Nowhere in the troubleshooting manual does it even mention that overheating could even happen.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructable! This is very interesting. My DG834G v2 has been playing on me really badly. I will check it out as you described here. Thanks!



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! This is my first instructable, let me know if you find it useful!