Ninja Rebar Shuriken With Leg Sheath - Maker Collab Pt.2




Introduction: Ninja Rebar Shuriken With Leg Sheath - Maker Collab Pt.2

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I'm The Redsmith.

I'm a maker.

In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how I made my Bo Shuriken Leg Leather Sheath in collaboration with my friend Alex 2Q who made the Bo Shuriken.

Here is the link to his Instructable :

So, let's get started!

Step 1: Measure and Cut

For this build you will need:

  • some suede or thin leather
  • an utility knife
  • some thread and two needles
  • two buckles
  • size 4 diamond hole punches
  • some chalk
  • some eyelets and same size eyelet punch
  • a mallet
  • and off course some Bo Shuriken (Alex 2Q made 10 of them)

First you need to measure the size of your Bo Shuriken. For mine I need 10 emplacements. For each of them I needed 3cm of suede. So the sheath is 30cm long.

Then measure the length for your Shuriken. To be able to grab them they need to be inside the sheath by 3/4 of their length.

Then, cut your suede or leather to size.

Step 2: Fold Your Leather

  1. Now fold your leather to obtain your general shape. You can use crazy glue at the corner to keep it in place while you punch holes and sew it.
  2. Make sure you have the right length both for the hidden part of the shuriken and the part to grab.

Step 3: Punch Some Holes

  1. Use a size 4 (or 2) diamond hole punch to open holes all around your leather. This will allow to keep the fold at the right length and make you leather stronger.
  2. If you use white tread it may turn grey as you sew. The dye of the suede / leather changes the color of the thread. Don't worry it's perfectly normal and adds some weathering and makes your sheath look better.

Step 4: Mark the Spaces

  1. Use a square chalk to mark the spaces you need to sew for your 10 Bo Shuriken. I marked 3cm spaces then punched holes for each space.
  2. No need to go all the way up. Just make sure the down part will be correctly sewn.

Step 5: Prepare Your Thread

  1. When you want to sew leather or suede, you first have to prepare your thread.
  2. Once your thread is in eye of the needle make the needle go through your thread twice as show in the pictures.
  3. Then pull slightly on the thread.
  4. You're ready to sew but be careful. When you have multiple layers the thread may break so keep your stitches tight but go gently.

Step 6: Let's Sew

  1. Now let's do some sewing.
  2. Start with the four sides of your piece. It's quite time consuming so take your time and have some breaks.
  3. Then stitch the spaces for the Shuriken.
  4. When you're all done, a simple double knot will hold your last stitch and end this step.
  5. You can now cut the excess thread.

Step 7: Finishing the Main Part

  1. If you used waxed thread you can burn it slightly to make the wax melt and hold the thread better.
  2. You can pass three or four times a roller onto your stitches to flat them all. If you don't have a roller you can use the side of a round mallet.
  3. Your main piece is done! Congratulations!
  4. Now let's make some straps to hold it to your leg.

Step 8: We Need Some Straps

  1. First cut strips of leather/suede be sure to cut at the right width (which may change depending on the buckles you're using). I used 18mm wide buckles so I cut 4 strips 18mm wide.
  2. The length of the strips depends on the size of your legs. My advice: cut longer and adjust latter.
  3. Then open some holes for the prongs of the buckles.

Step 9: Attach the Buckles

  1. When your holes are done you can try and fit the buckles.
  2. When everything is ok, open some holes for stitching strips and buckles together.

Step 10: Holes and Eyelets

  1. For the other part of the straps you will need to open more holes.
  2. Try to space them regularly. For this step you can use a divider or a ruler and some chalk.
  3. Then for keep the shape of the leather and make it even stronger add some eyelet the same color as the buckles.

Step 11: Belt Strap

  1. This part is optional.
  2. To be sure your sheath stay in place around your leg be at the right height for you to grab your Shuriken you can add a belt strap.
  3. Cut come leather (5cm wide strip) and fold it making sure your belt can pass through.
  4. Repeat the step 2, 3, 5 and 6 of the tutorial (folding, opening holes, preparing your thread and sewing).

Step 12: Final Assembly

  1. You're almost done! All your parts are done! Congratulations.
  2. Now let's make the final assembly.
  3. Straps on each side, belt strap on the top.
  4. When all the stitching is done, burn the excess thread to let it clean and tight.

Step 13: Insert the Shuriken

  1. Insert your Shuriken into the sheath.
  2. Be sure to not puncture your sheath with your sharp Shuriken.

Step 14: It's Time to Wear It

  1. Now it's time to wear it.
  2. Pass your belt into the belt strap and lace the sheath around your leg.
  3. You can hide the excess length of your straps under the sheath.

Step 15: Have Some Fun

  1. Time for fun.
  2. But first make sure no one is around you. Never throw Shuriken on people or animals.
  3. Don't hurt anyone specially yourself.
  4. You can use a wooden target to practice but in any case I recommend you to wear protective gear such as safety glasses.

Step 16: Roll It for Storage

  1. When you have become a master and hit the target every single time you can store your sheath.
  2. Just fold the belt strap on the Shuriken, the roll it.
  3. As you see on the picture it's more or less the size of an adult hand.

Step 17: My Video

Here is the video I made about this build.

And here is the link to Alex 2Q 's Instructable to see how he made the Bo Shuriken :

I hope it will help you to understand all the steps and how I did it.

I hope you liked this tutorial and if so, please consider subscribing.

See you soon!

The Redsmith

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