Nintendo Controller Into a PC Card Reader




Introduction: Nintendo Controller Into a PC Card Reader

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Put a card reader inside a Nintendo Controller for your desktop or laptop computer.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

You'll need some stuff for this project.

A Nintendo Controller
A card reader of your choice
Small screwdrivers
A rotary tool
A hobby knife set

Step 2: Make Some Space

Glue the buttons in place and use the rotary tool to open up the case to make room for the card reader. Remember that you might want to get back in so try and leave the four corner screws something to bite into. Also think about the cord for the reader and how it will fit in the space available.

Step 3: Make the Necessary Slots

Mark the areas for the cards you want to be able to read. If you have a 12 in 1 card reader but only use one or two types of cards why bother with all the extra openings? Use the rotary took to cut the initial hole and then the razor to trim it up nicely.

Step 4: Figure Out the Cord Route

If you can, trim away the cord and route it through the opening in the back of the controller. Then use hot glue to anchor everything in place. Remember to make sure you don't block acces to any of the slots you will be using for the cards.



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    24 Discussions

    That is really cool. I don't have anything that I can post in a step by step on here yet. I have a old Nintendo. I'll have to try this

    I love this instructible, 5stars, But shouldn't the title be pc card reader into Nintendo controller

    1 reply

    Perhaps best worded as "PC card reader inside a Nintendo controller case"

    I saw this and had toI make one too. I had a few questions. How did you get the buttons to stay glued in? I am afraid someone will pick it up and try to push the buttons and ruin it. What do you do with the guts of the Nintendo controller?

    2 replies

    use a plastic glue, the inside of the controller for a science project or for decoration. but remember, the solder on the circut board has lead in it, wash yourhands and dont have prolonged touching of it.


    12 years ago


    1 reply

    A suggestion: once you razor out the holes go back with a needle file to smooth them and cut precise corners. It'll look even better! Fantastic instructable, btw. Gonna do this to my dead controller!


    12 years ago

    At first I thought it was to play an SD card on the NES, to play NES ROMS. Sadly it's not.

    2 replies

    Yep... I thought the same thing :(

    I just changed the title and summary to better reflect that it is a card reader for a computer.

    fucken tight man!