No-Sew Denim Dog Toy




Introduction: No-Sew Denim Dog Toy

Here is a way to make a CHEAP/FREE and TOUGH dog toy. We have a herder/pit cross and while she has a soft mouth she LOVES to chew. I've found that making her "disposable" toys just makes more sense. I always keep fabric scraps especially denim.

Step 1: What You Need

You need denim scraps. Seams and hems are stronger. If you have a smaller dog you can use any part of the fabric. You also need a dog, though it doesn't have to be yours. :-)

Step 2: What You Do...

If you don't already have the jeans diassembled then cut up along both sides of a leg seam (inseam or outseam). You can leave as much or as little fabric on either side of the seam as you want. You need several seam pieces, and one leg seam from an adult pair of jeans should give you 2-3 pieces depending on how big you make the toy. My pieces ranged from 12" to about 16".

Lay the seam pieces together, keeping ends more or less even. A long piece can hang over at both ends. Take up the ends and tie a knot in the middle. To make the knot tight enough to hold up to a dog you need to pull them all together and then pull each piece separately at both ends. This will make the knot nice and tight. This keeps the toy together AND gives a nice semi-hard chew ball for the dog (nice for teething puppies). It also gives it a little mass so you can throw it.

I've made these out of fleece scraps as well. Keep in mind that the fleece versions should be for dogs who SPIT OUT the pieces because the fleece will eventually pull apart. Our dog does fine with the fleece.

Since it's denim, you can wash it if you want. I'd say use the gentle cycle since you don't want the knot to get worked out. After a wash or two in the gentle cycle you can probably use the regular cycle. Or, if you've got one, throw it in the pool once in a while.



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    13 Discussions

    This is a great project my puggle loves this

    I have to try this - and I've already got the old jeans ready! He sure looks happy with his new toy! :)

    Love it! I got a new puppy today that seems to love chewing denim so I need something for her that I'm NOT wearing :) Thanks!

    2 replies

    Glad to hear it! You can also give the pup raw carrot (whole) and this will help with teething as well as satisfying that urge to nibble. I've used this on all my dogs.

    Raw carrot is the favorite treat of my older dogs but I had never thought of it as a teething toy. I will definitely do this, thanks again!

    Love it! I got a new puppy today that seems to love chewing denim so I need something for her that I'm NOT wearing :) Thanks!

    This sounds much better than buying my dog expensive stuffed toys - only to find stuffing scattered all over the house a few days later. 

    No, it shouldn't and I'll tell ya why. The denim doesn't resemble the pants they came from. Dogs make connections, yes, but they aren't going to recognize the fabric as being the same as a pair of pants. Now dogs aren't all the same so don't go black and white with this. If your dog happens to make a connection between the pants and the toy, train him to know the difference (removal of improper item with a stern "no"  then give proper item and praise). Don't give your dog any toys that resemble items you DON'T want him chewing (like old shoes, old oven mitts, old work gloves, etc.). Our dog has been through many of these denim toys and has never even looked at our jeans like they were chew toys. My daughter gave our dog a stuffed dog for Christmas and I told her flat your stuffed animals. So far, no issue there.

    Simple idea and a great way to use old jeans that are beyond wearing anymore. My dogs love the "pelts" from their massacred stuffies, so I'm sure they'd love these, too. They think the floppier the better.