No Sew Fleece Blanket




Introduction: No Sew Fleece Blanket

Step by step instructions for making a two-sided fleece blanket.



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    Hey, great job with the instructions and video. I love how your knots are neat and reversed.

    And, for you with the 1600 left over squares... consider sewing them on top of a solid, but in an 1" or more so that there is a free flowing over hang. Once they are all sewn on, then cut a small fringe around the outer edge that allows the base color to shows through. Then, create the tabs/fringe just like other no-sew fleece blankets. This will give you a bit more weight that will make it warmer and also give you a more craftier, different, and a bit more fun look. And, you are recycling your leftovers. I picked up a quilted bag that had this look of fringed layers and it gave me the inspiration for this post. Good luck. Dolores

    I am not a crafty person so I thought this would be great project for school fundraiser....well it is no sew, but NOT EASY. first off cutting the fabric can be challenging. I used the nice soft fleece which kind of lines cut were not straight. It doesn't matter though later on you cannot really tell. Here is an item they do not mention...
    The wider your strips are cut, the harder (almost impossible) they are to tie. Second tip i learned is to tie all the knots in the same direction or you will have mismatched fabric knots... good luck and my project from cutting to typing took 3 hours.....I have two more to go so maybe practice will make it take less time :(

    I am in the process of making a memory blanket for my daughter out of her old clothes. I was just wondering if you think I can do the following: Cut the squares and sew them onto a cotton sheet side by side. Then use ribbon to place on top of the square joins in strips - the length and breadth of the sheet. This would mean I would have to sew each side of the ribbon to hide the material joins. Also how could I join the sheet onto the fleece blanket? Do you think the above will work? I know that this is not the conventional way of making a quilt as the squares are normally sewn together first. If you can reply to my mail I would very much appreciate it. If not then that is fine too. I was looking at your no sew fleece blanket but was not sure if you were using fleece for the top and the bottom. Regards Nikki

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    I would say you would have to add a large border of fleece that would be what you would knot...and you would have to tie the two materials together by sewing in some spots or like you would with a quilt...just an idea...

    Both layers of fabric are fleece for these quilts. I have corners cut from 200 blankets that were cut for a customer this week... I too am thinking about ways to use these 1600 squares....your idea sounds interesting... but how about laying them out on a fleece fabric about 2-yards long... saftey pin them to the bottom, lay on the ribbon and pin in place and then stitch down both sides of the ribbon. The stitching will make a pattern on the back of the quilt. You can email me directly at and please visit my website Thanks.

    I am not a fabric kind of person.. when I craft I stick to string or paint lol So I was wondering could I use this to make a dog bed? I actually need 3 beds small medium and a large (so none of my dogs get jealous lol) could you possibly help me , how many yards of fleece will I need for a 26", 36", and 46". I think making my dog's beds would probably be cheaper, especially with a large dog bed being so pricey, plus it would be nice to be able to tell my friends and family that I made them (: suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    I am with the Roberts Ribbon Reapers 4H club and we are currently making these blankets for our soldiers over seas. We have been doing this now for the past 3 years. But we use 1 1/1 -2 yrds of material and we are also doing double and single layer quilts. Keep up the good work! This is a great project for lots of groups that have LOVE TO TIE KNOTS!!!

    Brilliant! This is just what I've been looking for & the patchwork blanket idea is also really good, thanks :D

    wow add some soft material in the middle have commfy blanket maybe sand

    I bought 4 yards of 45" fleece fabric, so my college age daughter would be completely covered. In making a 6' blanket, instead of the 5' one that you make in the video, do i cut the 5" square out of each corner, or do i increase it to 6"? Thank you for this wonderfully instructive video and for your help!! :-)

     i need to make me one of these and if you have some spare fluffy filling(not sure what it is) and you can make a pillow.

    Thank you for the detailed instructions on making a fleece blanket. Is there a way to create one using fleece blocks (like you would make a quilt)? I am looking for a way to have a group of girls on a sports team make one for their coaches. It would be fun if each girl (about 20 of them) could make her own block as one piece of the quilt.

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    I don't see why you couldn't make fleece blocks, sew them together and then fringe the outer edge that would be tied. 20 girls... 20 blocks.... 4 blocks x 5 blocks. 12 inch blocks. Sew them all together. Add a 5-inch border on each side. That is the part that will be cut for the fringe. Feel free to contact me through to discuss this further. I have an idea for decorating each block.... :-)

    Thank you so much for sharing how to make the no sew fleece blanket. I was about to give up! I especially appreciate the time you took to show how to tie the fleece together. Very helpful.